CSM: Dofus 2.0 Review

CSM writes: "Dofus is a made-up name and the name of dragon eggs in this anime-inspired MMORPG. In this world made up of the stuff of legends, players journey in the World of Twelve (so named because there are 12 character classes to play) in quest of these eggs. Players kill creatures and complete quests to earn experience to make their characters stronger, and harvest resources to gain levels in professions. There are 12 classes which have their own unique sets of spells. The world is light and filled with humor, starting with the names of some of these classes, such as Enutrof's (Fortune) Fingers who are Fortune Hunters and get a bonus for rare drops from killed creatures, and Xelor's (Rolex) Hourglass, a class that can manipulate time. Players will find creatures such as Santa Jaws on Kwismass Island and Small Tofu menacing the populace, and examining an item by mousing over it may yield the description that it is a piece of wool from a Gobbly, used by tailors and by Enutrof Fingers to hide their bald spots."

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