GameSpy: Multiplatform Game of the Year - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

GameSpy writes: "It's pretty sad how few console-exclusive games we got this year. 2009, perhaps more than any other year I can think of, was the year of the multiplatform game. There was more competition for Multiplatform Game of the Year than for any other category, and I'm sure many people will be disappointed with our choice of Modern Warfare 2. But really, developer Infinity Ward knows how to make a game. I may not always enjoy the subject matter or how it's presented, but the Call of Duty series sets the bar for a guided first-person shooter experience."

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Socomer 19793276d ago

5 hour campaign of scenes stolen from summer blockbuster movies?
shouldnt james cameron get the award for this?

oh yeah and great MP too. i havent played a MP this good since modern warfare 1 and cod world at war. i just cant understand why i feel like im doing the same thing over and over and over again/ sarcasm.

oh boy i tell you... this gaming industry is bizzaro world to the 5th power. yet i understand why it is so casual.

nycredude3276d ago

Seriously this is a joke.

Best Multiplatform game shouldn't be MW2. There are alot of other better games imo.

Assassin's Creed 2

rdgneoz33276d ago

Batman AA should get it, though Borderlands (still a few bugs they need to fix) would come in 2nd.

Aleusia3275d ago

I vote Assassin's Creed II or Dragon Age Origins, not a big Batman fan at all.

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GeoramA3276d ago

Call of Duty? Seriously? We get the same **** EVERY YEAR.

I really, really hate our FPS-loving media.

Roper3163276d ago

Borderlands is my MP goty.

SpartanZero3276d ago

Batman AA shouldn't get it because it was the same places over and over again. The AI in the game is dumbed down but it's still a really good game. MW2 deserved it.

3276d ago
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