Media Create Software Sales for Final Fantasy XIII Released

A press release from Media Create has just revealed the sales data for Final Fantasy XIII. Software and hardware sales revealed.

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Bungie3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Oh snap

FFXIII sold 1,501,964 copies in Japan

Damn i can't count that much

237,086 PS3 units were sold in Japan

Japan really love RPGs

RememberThe3573280d ago

Japan really loves Final Fantasy.

Noctis Aftermath3280d ago

prob shift 2.2 mil in japan by the time it releases in EU/US.

Guido3280d ago

Two things. People still love the FF series and Square can make big bucks on the PS platforms. Hopefully they learned a lesson here that the PS3 is the place to bet their game successes on. Sorry, but the last few years of lack luster sales and titles from Square on the 360 have really given them a black eye and with this success it is clear that the Japanese want two things, Final Fantasy and their PS3. Together is even better.

raztad3280d ago

237K + 70K the previuos week, makes a nice 300+K PS3 sold in less than half a month. Not bad at all and still the other big hitters are yet to come GT5 and Yakuza 4. Amazing times ahead.

sikbeta3280d ago

Awesome numbers, but this is not a surprise at all

PS3 FTW!!!

mint royale3280d ago

Good numbers. Wii vs ps3 will be very close this month with the mario bros vs ff13 battle going on.

Good times to be a gamer.

DaTruth3280d ago

Considering the installed base, it is actually a surprise! A 2:1 attach rate by the time the month is over is a very big surprise!

mikeslemonade3280d ago

I was hoping the PS3 sold more, but it's time to start counting the days of when PS3 finally beats the 360 in worldwide sales.

mint royale3280d ago


really? whats the point? Do you expect to it to happen in the next few weeks?

DaTruth3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

First we need real numbers and not VG inflated numbers. I can't possibly see the installed base being what they say it is with 18,000,000 NPD NA and Mediacrate Japan sales. By all acceptable sources, 360 is at 30,000,000 tops!

No fanboy crap; Just crunching the numbers in reply!

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Gabe EatsWell3280d ago

What a great way to end the year, leaving Greenberg and friends with major headaches in Japan. :P

Optical_Matrix3280d ago

1.5 million units of software and over 200,000 units of hardware shifted in 5 days. Well Square Enix, this proves where your support should be going. Just a shame you've spent the last 2 years to blinded by snidy pocket money to realize this.

belal3280d ago

a system seller!

over 200k hardware sold!

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The story is too old to be commented.