GI.Biz: Top 10 of 2009: News

GI.Biz writes: "Following on from the Top 10 of 2009: Interviews, here's a run down of the most important news stories which developed over the past year. Unlike yesterday, which was in order of publishing, these are ranked in order of importance, building up to what we consider the most crucial story of the year.

While 2009 was another hugely busy year in videogames, we've selected the main ten themes – there were plenty of others which made the reserve list, so do you agree with our conclusions?"

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nix3283d ago

regular people in my office were all over it. only the nerds/hard core gamers know that it's like Sony's Eye games. i was surprised to see my office people getting excited. that i think is the power of Natal.

and then i showed off my EyePet to them. q: