Eurogamer: Reflect Missile Review

Eurogamer writes: "36 years on and there's still inspiration to be drawn from Breakout, Atari's formative, blockbusting arcade game that helped define the very vocabulary videogames have been jabbering ever since. A sort of inverse Peggle, with Bjorn the Unicorn swapped out for a missile-riding Tron nanobot, Reflect Missile does little to advance upon its primal inspiration's simplistic visuals. Instead, it snuggles up to the primitive 8-bit aesthetic, placing cool monotone green or red Amstrad blocks atop school exercise-book graph-paper backgrounds and soundtracking them with chiptune lullabies. Only the tiniest flashes of contemporary flair are permitted here: fading missile trails that bisect the screen or pixel-art fireworks that bloom when a stage is completed."

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