MSNBC: 10 best PlayStation 3 games of 2009

Sony's PlayStation 3 hasn't had it easy ever since it debuted in 2006, with its competition (Nintendo's Wii and Microsoft's Xbox 360) outselling the machine sometimes by leaps and bounds. But things are really starting to look up for this powerful and feature-rich game console.

This year has seen the release of some excellent PS3-exclusive games, as well as a hefty price cut for the console and the introduction of the new PS3 Slim machine. And there are so many great PS3 games to choose from this holiday that it wasn't easy to narrow the list down to a mere 10. But we did it.

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-Alpha3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Great list, though the lack of Demon's Souls is upsetting, but not surprising consider how under-the-radar the game is.

TheBand1t3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

....MSNBC IS owned by Microsoft, albeit only 18% of the company. What's your point?

blackmagic3192d ago

I think that he is saying that everyone claims that MS pays off the media yet the site that Microsoft actually has direct control over writes articles that are fair to the ps3 which seems to contradict the former.

jalen2473192d ago

I own all of those games except for DJ Hero (will eventually get). They are all excellent games. Demon Souls should have made the list instead of DJ Hero

MajestieBeast3192d ago

Aleast they gave props to R&C i thought it was better then previous ratchet games and its getting overlooked this year.