Greenberg: "2010 Will Be A Bigger Year [For Xbox 360] Than 2009, No Doubt"

Many journalists have concluded that 2009 was not a stellar year for Xbox 360, in fact it has been deemed as the worst since Microsoft launched the console in 2005. Greenberg would not agree that 2009 was the worst, but he reckons 2010 will beat out last year by miles, "no doubt."

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ZombieAutopsy3278d ago

Ok greenberg whatever you say.

cereal_killa3278d ago

Actually Assassin Creed he is right you see this year for the 360 can be compared to the 2008 season of the Detroit Lions and if you don't know what I mean last year they went 0-16 so winning 1 game the next year would make it a better year for them same could be said about M$ this year was so lack luster that you couldn't say anything but next year will be better. Hell I'm surprised Patcher didn't predict this one.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3277d ago

It will be bigger than the PS3 since the PS3 has no games in 2010.

robotnik3278d ago

Sure... sure... Greenturd the clairvoyant.

Bungie3278d ago


Halo Reach and Mass Effect 2 alone ownz 2009

we won3278d ago

Best Year ever in fact.

Please >Mods< keep this one clean and free of stealth comments as well as in your face ones.

RememberThe3573278d ago

Those three are looking really promising. Mass Effect 2 is top of my list right now, I cannot wait for it.

taco_tom2373278d ago better be bigger cause 2009 sucked for 360.

Guido3278d ago

If MS does anything more than they did in 2009, it will make 2010 a bigger year. They had a poor 2k9 and hopefully they have a much better year in 2010.

Hellsvacancy3278d ago

Greenbergs hardly gonna say otherwise now is he

bacon133278d ago

It better be a bigger and better year. After having a 360 for 3 years now and playing on my friend's PS3, I think its time to jump the boat on MS. Also, I would never be able to play GOW 3 on the 360 so it's an easy choice.

Guido3278d ago

Two things, I think you meant 2010, not 2009.... And secondly, two games will hardly help MS own a year. Their entire line of games will be the deciding factor and for posterity sake I will toss in the notion that Natal might help. Now, IMHO they have some heavy competition and to say that anything MS does this upcoming year will help them "own" the year seems a bit naive. I hope the best but when the reality cramp sets in, I think Halo won't save them against what the competition has to bring.

Gamer713278d ago

Um, no...I'm sure he knew what he meant, which was in direct response to the TITLE. This is concerning 2010's lineup being better...or "owning" 2009's ; Bungie stated Reach and ME2 alone makes 2010 better...and he may be correct.

SilentNegotiator3278d ago

Because 2009 was a dry year with the 360.

Consoldtobots3278d ago

saying 2010 will be bigger than their abysmal lineup this year isn't saying much is it?

Saaking3278d ago

Just be releasing an exclusive it'll be a bigger year, but I still have to say. They just won't match Sony.

WildArmed3278d ago

Aye beasts like ME2, SC:C, Halo, Fable 3.. etc etc

Ofc, 2009 had nothing on MS's side, so it's pretty easy to top that.
but they are bringing in the cannons after fighting with swords in 09

whoelse3277d ago

Will it be enough to fight off the PS3 though? If you thought 2009 was great for the PS3, 2010 looks even better.

With Gears of War 3 possible, Mass Effect 2 and Halo Reach, it is already looking like a better year for the 360.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3278d ago

Yeah, and I have no doubt that Greenbot will be a bigger turd in 2010.

we won3278d ago

Do these people have alarms in their houses that go off when Key words such as 360, lineup, best, better, exclusive are all in the same sentence on the web?