Nomura Teases Unannounced Square Enix Title

The latest issue of Famitsu is out in Japan and Tetsuya Nomura teases about an upcoming unannounced project during a short interview. Could we finally hear something about Kingdom Hearts 3 in the near future?

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FiftyFourPointTwo3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

or KH3?

@below: we'll get Versus first. I expect KH3 TBR in 2013 JP and 2014 NA/EU

LordMarius3280d ago

yep KH3 but can i get FFvsXIII first

reintype3280d ago

Let's face it we're just setting ourselves to be disappointed, if we're expecting much from SE. I'm guessing it's something for the WII/DS, or for the japanese mobile phones.

SE won't announce KH3 because Birth by Sleep hasn't seen a release yet. They can't announce a remake for FFVII too, because FFXIII hasn't seen a western release yet, more than that, FFVII remake would probably be a Playstation exclusive, which we all know SE is allergic to doing this gen.

Besides Nomura already has his hands full with Versus, 3rd birthday, Agito and Birth by Sleep, any new game from him would probably be slated for 2011 at the earliest.

hay3280d ago

@reintype: He didn't do any Wii game in his history and The World Ends With You on DS is great game.
I'm not really fond of Kingdom Hearts so I hope it's not it.

Noctis Aftermath3280d ago

I don't want it to be FFVII remake, don't get me wrong i think FFVII is the best FF, but i want it to be done on the PS4.

GameGambits3280d ago

Could be a Soul Eater game? SquareEnix publishes either the manga or the anime in Japan for it. It seems well crafted enough to be a videogame itself.

I think the show is great. Really unique art style and likeable characters. I think it's still too early for KH3, and the anime characters have a touch of Nomura style to them already.

We'll find out soon enough. :D

sikbeta3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

·FF7 Remake?

The last Remnant? way!!!

Rumor3280d ago

ZOMFG! If this is KH 3 ima sh!t my pants!

levy3280d ago

I would also love a FF7 remake, but I would want it for the PS4. but I wouldn't complain if it actually did come out to PS3 though.

I really hope they will announce KH3.

Saaking3280d ago

Whatever it is, I hope it's PS3 exclusive. With the massive sales of PS3s and FFXIII, perhaps Sony has more influence over SE (Like they used to). I really want SE to move JRPGs forward, but he only way that's going to happen is if it's PS3 exclusive.

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TheHater3280d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 if its coming from Noruma

nightelfmohawk3280d ago

Expect this to be another SSSSony ExcluSSSSive! ^_^

Udidntlistenpunk3280d ago

Bots, we are swimming in games.

You are swimming in your own drool.

Optical_Matrix3280d ago

Either KHIII or official confirmation of One Goal Spirits is my bet

Bush3280d ago

I thought there was suppose to be a new KH game entitled the Keyblade Wars if it is a new KH game or even a FF7 remake it should be a good game

Umbrella Corp3280d ago

The Keyblade Wars happened before Birth by Sleep i believe.By the way....hows Cheyney?

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