Top 5 Playstation 3 Exclusives to look forward to in 2010 (

Irish Gaming Site writes;

"2010 is promising to be an even bigger and better year for the Playstation 3, with Sony getting ready to hit the ground running with the release of some massive console specific exclusives. After much deliberation, we here at TGL have compiled a list of the Top 5 exclusives that we are looking forward to playing most on PS3 in 2010. Here we go…"

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littletad3278d ago

Deserves being the most wanted, that is at least if you played Shadow of the Colossus and know what their games can do. Is it really expected next year though?

SasanovaS19873278d ago

dude, GT5 will have top gears test track??????? WHAT!!! now its a must!!!!!! man i wish they had the 5 mile stretch track in germany so i can fully get that bugatti to run its

zeeshan3276d ago

I am looking forward to all of them. All PS3 exclusives are looking wonderful!

Saaking3276d ago

The PS3 has many more exclusives than it's competitors combined. 2010 is gonna belong to Sony and the PS3 just like 2009 and 2008.

Persistantthug3276d ago

Because I've been in the Battlefield BAD Company 2 Beta, I'm now in love with it.

So for me, I would have to take MAG out and replace it with BF:BC2. It's freakin so realistic, its uncanny.

ThanatosDMC3276d ago

I still cant kill the 4th boss on SotC. It looks like a horse but you cant grab anything. I mean, there's tunnels and all but what the heck do you do with those?!

Anyway, im looking forward to Last Guardian especially since i just played but not finished Shadow of the Colossus. For a PS2 game, it looked really good on my PS3's hdtv.

Yakuza 3 is another one for screwed up fun.

ShAkKa3275d ago

Battlefield:BC is not a Ps3 exclusive...

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aaron58293277d ago

My top 5 will probably look like this.

5. Final Fantasy 13
4. God of War 3
3. Yakuza 3
2. Heavy Rain
1. Gran Turismo 5 : The real "definitive" driving simulator

Roper3163276d ago

My most anticipated exclusive of next year is Heavy Rain. I can't wait to get my hands on that game.

Ultraplayerxd3276d ago

I'm still on the fence about getting MAG or not but the other 4 are definitely on my list of must have games. I missed out on a lot of games this year, 2010s my chance to get back.

DirtyLary3276d ago

SOCOM :4 2010 xmas

Teaser info should start hitting the net once MAG is out the door and rolling. It;s a know thing Zipper has been working on it for sometime now.

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The story is too old to be commented.