Keighley Defends Jersey Shore Cast VGA Appearance

There are some among you who probably don't think the Jersey Shore cast should've been let anywhere near the Spike Video Game Awards. Spike VGA producer Geoff Keighley has an explanation for their seemingly pointless appearance, though.

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saint_john_paul_ii3278d ago

Right...thanks to you, im not going to watch next year's VGA's Now.

qface643278d ago

am i the only person who doesn't know who the heck these people are?

i know that one chick got punched in the face was all over the place but that's it?
who the heck are these people?
another flavor of the month or something?

CobraKai3278d ago

I have never seen these people before in my life. I thought they were gonna punching bags for Tyson.

PrimordialSoupBase3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

They're on a show about young Italian men who struggle to repress their pent up gayness. Nasty skanks also make an appearance.

Megaton3278d ago

Keighley's excuse is exactly why so many gamers think the VGA's are a joke. Inviting idiots like that to attract mainstream people who probably say "Oh! Yeah! I played Guitar Hero before!" when someone asks if they game.

Douchebag guidos and the nastiest lookin' chicks in Jersey.

Rumor3278d ago

wow, these ppl (if thats what u want to call them)

hav ruined my hopes of viewing the vga's again..

Sub4Dis3278d ago

I don't know who they are either. but i can guess they are another group of talentless young ppl meant to appease the massive amount of mouth breathers out there that think anything on MTV is entertaining regardless of quality.

also what's the point of making the VGAs more appealing to a casual audience? the average tv watcher doesn't give a sh!t about video game awards and the hardcore gamers that do are given new reasons each year to not watch. does it really make sense to alienate the audience to which you should be attempting to appeal? This was my first year to watch the VGAs and i can safely say i have no interest in ever watching again.

DatNJDom813278d ago

That show (VGA) was so stupid. Why did they put them up with Tyson? If I was Tyson, I would have just bit their fcuking ears off as soon as they opened their mouths.

Guido3278d ago

But I was a nerdy guido. Sorry, my six pack is in the brown paper bag on my kitchen counter and not under my t-shirt.

solidt123278d ago

Never heard of them, I didn't even notice them at the VGA's.

solidt123278d ago

I had to google guido also. Never heard of that either. I been to NY/NJ several times and never heard of such a thing.

Guido3278d ago

And let me tell you, there are very few people in this world with fewer brain cells than them. They were asked some of the most basic questions and they failed to deliver. They are hot looking chicks with no brains and dudes with more gel in their hair than Osha would alow me to wear at work due to the fire hazard issues.

sikbeta3278d ago

I'm asking the same question, but not answer, maybe cuz nobody know about them

They're from some kind of "Reality-(?) Show" or something?

RBLAZE19883277d ago

that none of these people are from Jersey they're all guidos from long island or staten island which is NY not New Jersey which is the worse part about it they're comin here and making Jersey look even worse than it already does. I never ever even attempted to watch that show cause I knew it would be shiite but I feel for those that actually watched it....MTV is a joke but what else is new.

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life doomer3278d ago

stupid guidos, they make italians look bad.

EvilCackle3278d ago

Makes the Jersey shore area look like crap, too. It's funny because a bunch of the cast members aren't even from there originally. Or so I hear, anyway - I'm not inclined to do research on this trainwreck of a show.

Lou Ferrigno3278d ago


Thank goodness i watch TV like 1% out of the week .. Hockey in HD (sharks ftw!) and thats all i need,non of this MTV garbage.

that mini line backer of a chick looks incredibly disgusting too.
they ultimately had no reason to be at the VGA's other then too make the allready horrific awards show even MORE pathedic :)

villevalorox3278d ago

lol, shows like this are crap anyway, i mean put people in a house, club, town, on a beach, what ever they do and then tell them to find a way to love and hate each other.

Polluted3278d ago

So they're from a show? I thought they were just random people from Jersey. Maybe I was too busy looking at Tyson's giant gut when they were on.

Anyway, why is everyone hating on the VGAs for having them appear? Apparently they're celebrities. Celebrities appear in awards shows. Makes sense to me. I mean I'm no fan of Tim Allen, but I wouldn't boycott the Oscars if they had him present one. Sometimes people around here don't make sense to me.

It's like many of you have some natural compulsion to pretend you hate everything. Like we're supposed to think you're somehow better than the rest if us or you see something the rest of us don't see because nothing's ever good enough for you. It doesn't work guys. And if you keep up all the fake hate nonsense, soon enough you'll start to believe your own BS and then you won't be able to enjoy anything anymore.

Taking stuff at face value isn't such a bad thing all the time. Entertainment is meant to entertain. If you don't like it change the channel or dont' buy the game or whatever. Spewing hate online won't help you get rich/laid.


3rdDimension3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I can't speak for every single person, but I can tell you most of us feel its pretty frustrating when you see such events perform so badly especially with something we all are fans of. This is no different than watching the Super bowl for football fans. We are all fans of video games and would like to see the genre handled in a better light. Instead we get people who don't really know what they are doing. And the real gamers in the industry unfortunately don't have the power to call the shots. This isn't a show Geoff really wants or any serious gamer who happened to work on the VGA's. They just aren't in a position of power. They only give input. If there was an open roundtable with an off the record discussion, the truth would come out. But instead we have to deal with what higher ups think we want in a game awards show. In the meantime, I say keep on complaining because this will eventually lead to a better production overall! I mean look what they did this year, they got rid of fluff like an overall unfunny host!

Baka-akaB3278d ago

why wouldnt they hate it ?

It's one thing to add stars as extra in a show that is good and well done ..but that ?

One would think with so many things badly done in the show , they could focus on fixing them rather than having stars around as the priority .

Saaking3277d ago

Tim Allen is an actor so it'd be fitting for him to give awards to other actors. Game DEVELOPERS should be giving awards to other game developers not some random celebrities. THAT'S why the VGAs are a joke and THAT'S why I'll wait for the AIAS GOTY.

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