GameSpy: PlayStation 3 Game of the Year - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

GameSpy writes: "Uncharted 2 is the first PS3 game that my non-gaming friends have expressed interest in. Visually striking in a way that extends beyond the "OMG, that looks great" sort of way, it resonates with people because it looks and feels more like a movie than a game. And that's exactly why Uncharted 2 is fantastic: It has all the standard game trappings, like cool environments and big actions scenes, and tacks on some of the best writing, acting, and music we've ever witnessed in a game."

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Karooo3280d ago


This game is a monster !!

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LordMarius3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

That way troll ---->

MW2 is GOTY over Uncharted 2, fail

El_Colombiano3280d ago

This is ridiculous mods, you ban me for saying that I don't like Halo, but you ignore him? Come on guys!

CrippleH3279d ago

Yes I agree MW2 is GOTY

GOTY as in Glitch of the Year.

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Mr Tretton3280d ago