Zentendo: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Review

If there is one thing Square Enix knows how to do, it is match art direction with technical prowess. "The Crystal Bearers" is not any different. The title features an abundance of color, detailed character models, as well as the usual effects and touches common throughout all factions of the series. "The Crystal Bearers" is a bit different in regards that it is both an entirely 3D world, but also features full camera control. This is a welcome addition as it really helps solidify the title as a true adventure game, and not a linear experience with carefully orchestrated set pieces. To be fair, not every area of the game looks great. However, even the less impressive locations at least look passable.

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na-no-nai3279d ago

now these are the kind of review im looking for ^_^

SpoonyRedMage3278d ago

Nice, can't wait to get the game in February.

PS360WII3278d ago

Nice review. It really is not a normal game for SE to make which is a good point and it was done very well. I'd like to see some more adventure games from Square Enix now that we know they can make em good :)

SpoonyRedMage3278d ago

The big name sites seem to hate the game though... which is strange because from just reading around the people who have bought it love it. Look at Gamefaqs, User score is 7.8 from 15 people(including one person who gave it one), but it's critic's score is 6.7 from 5 reviews.

The games seems to be...disruptive, it completely went against what people were expecting.

Akitoshi Kawazu said they were still considering what type of game to do next, I think they should do a multiplayer Wii one next but then explore the Adventure style again.

PS360WII3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Yeah I don't know. Critics are critics. It's easy to say they just don't like the system and or game but they gave it a score and I'd assume they played it for at least an hour or more.

I think it might have something to do with them comparing it to PS3/360 games or just don't like motion controls or the fact that it is drastically different that most SE games. You don't have to clear an area of monsters you can wait it out. You can mess around with different ways to kill enemies or you can just throw them into a wall.

It's fully explorable but a rather nasty world map that doesn't help. All the bad points really don't mean squat when you take in all the good it does but reviewers are very much focus on making sure the readers stay readers. Which is why you'll see them raging on Wii games and praising PS3/360 games as the most web users for gaming sites has a PS3/360 rather than a Wii. Plus it's Crystal Chronicles and not Final Fantasy so that deducts 2 points right there.

Anyway that's my consipracy theory and I'm stickin to it haha.

edit: and you said it best the end user that buys it and plays it loves it. That just shows what critics really care about...