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Submitted by Diselage 3166d ago | review

Prince of Persia Classic Video Review

IGN has posted an early review, video review that is, of Prince of Persia.

Runtime: approx. 3 min. 33 sec. (Prince of Persia Classic, Xbox 360) 8.6/10

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Diselage  +   3166d ago
This game is looking nice, just wish there was a little more longevity to it. Not sure if it's worth the $10 if it's really as limited as they said.
original seed  +   3166d ago
It loks great but 10 bucks for 60 minutes is steep
maybe 4 dollars.
Macdory  +   3166d ago
Agree ...
I have yet to buy anything off of the Arcade. This is due mainly to the price of things and the crappy content available.

I'd pay a couple of dollars for maps, but there is no way i'm paying $10 for a map pack.

I was really looking forward to PoP, but $10 has me wavering ... you would have thought that they would sell a lot more if they brought it down to 400 points ... probably more than double that they will sell at 800 points ...

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