PS3 exclusive Last Rebellion dated for February 2010

NIS America has officially dated their PS3 exclusive RPG, Last Rebellion, for February 2010. The announcement comes with opening of the games official site, complete with a new trailer and info on the characters and story.

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Delta3282d ago

Geez. Games, Games!, Games!!

3282d ago
Baba19063281d ago

more like angry fanboy? Fanboy? Fanboy?

damnightmare3281d ago

There's an 'Open Zone' for a reason

KillaManiac3281d ago about jealousy.

Run back to your Halo since thats prob the only game you know about.

Skip_Bayless3281d ago

How can it be a flop it's a PS3 exclusive?

GameGambits3281d ago

Looked at the trailer which shows some gameplay. Nothing WOW here, but I'm sure I'll rent it for another RPG fix. Can't ever have enough of that RPGmeth :D

Redempteur3281d ago

it's a flood !! they just keep on coming ...
the starved rpg fans on PS3 are really recieving their fix ( started with Demon souls )

gaffyh3281d ago

2010 = The Year of the RPG confirmed

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gauntletpython3282d ago

ARPGmageddeon continues! So that's SO4, WKC, LR in Feb, FF13 and possibly ROF/EOE in March.

Pyrrhus3281d ago

Time to start working to save up for next year D=

Cant wait XD

-Alpha3281d ago

Not so sure this will be a great game, but that's what everybody thought about Demon's Souls and look how that turned out!

FarEastOrient3281d ago

My poor wallet, and time needs to be longer to complete the games...

ClownBelt3282d ago

Its JRPG bukkake for all PS3 owners on Feb.

Also, Nippon Ichi loves Sony so much!

cyberwaffles3281d ago

bukkake? damn, things are gonna get messy. somebody bring the wash cloths.

Redempteur3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

ARGH ...why february ??WHY dammit !

Didn't they saw the packed schedule ?

Come on..release your game in april ...or in may ...

i feel like skipping this one because ..well i don't have enough time ...

Somnipotent3281d ago

why you gotta take it there man... the wait sure has been quite tantric though... it's gonna be one hell of an explosion!!

cyberwaffles3281d ago

you can always buy the game in may or april. you're never forced to buy a game upon release day. i've bought games years after their release.

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shadowfox3282d ago

So what's this game about? Is it like a real Final Fantasy-type RPG? Been dying for one of those.

TheBand1t3282d ago

I don't think I've ever heard of this game. :/ What's it about?

snowb4203281d ago

I can honestly say I've never heard of this game.

Gambit073281d ago

It's about the last rebellion.

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The story is too old to be commented.