IGN: White Knight Chronicles Video Preview

IGN writes: "Level-5 has been responsible for a number of fantastic RPGs, so we have high expectations for the developer's upcoming PS3 exclusive: White Knight Chronicles. With robust online and offline modes, White Knight Chronicles tells the story of ..."

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Ninji3278d ago

GOTY 2010 right here.

Delta3278d ago

I highly doubt it. I know this game will be sweet tho.

TheHater3278d ago

one thing for sure, it going to be my RPG of the year.

GameGambits3278d ago

Can't wait. This is going to be a blasty blast. :D

lonestarmt3278d ago

well 2010 is year of the RPG and the year PS3 FINALLY gets JRPGS. Crap in two months PS3 owners will have Star Ocean 4, white knight, last rebillion, final fantasy 13, and you can sort of count Yakuza 3 as a RPG. Damn

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Delta3278d ago

Cant wait to get this game. 2010 is already one of the best years this Gen.

Darkfiber3278d ago

Is this game still not out? Wasn't it supposed to come out like 2 years ago?