Final Fantasy XIV BETA Information / FAQ

With the recent unveiling of Final Fantasy XIV's BETA application process, many people have questions. Square Enix has the answers, but not until now have they been compiled into such an easy-to-follow format.

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Myst3013d ago

Please please please! Let me get into at least this one beta :(

GameGambits3012d ago

I'm screwed. I applied into the beta with 2 different emails lol. Both just got discarded...FML.

Blasphemy3012d ago

Man they specifically said not to do that why would you LOL? I hope I get in though.

robotnik3012d ago

I will wait for a PS3 beta if it ever comes, my computer isn't strong enough to handle this beast, good luck to everyone!

Pain3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

But i dont really mind not getting into the beta , i need to get a bunch of stuff a job to pay for the game for one lol..

But once im never leaving.

cya all there!!

Deputydon3012d ago

When you apply it asks which platform you are applying for...

Udidntlistenpunk3012d ago

Another triple A timed exclusive for the PS3.


As a PS3 gamer, we are swimming in games.

Bots are swimming in their own drool.

KingGhost933012d ago

How the hell do you register for this?? I tried to put in my login in info to register but it wont go through, someone help me please!!

tda-danny3012d ago

don't use google chrome if you were. The submit login button does not show up in that browser.

I had to use IE. yuck!

3012d ago
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