EGM relaunch date announced

A date has been announced as to when the Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine will be returning.

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Valay3199d ago

If I'm remembering correctly, the magazine was going to be relaunched this year. Obviously, that won't be happening. We'll have to see next year if it really will come back in March.

JoySticksFTW3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

But if it's that infantile "PS3 getting splattered with tomatoes" EGM? I'll pass

that later EGM lost their integrity

@ disagree

Shoe? Is that you? :D

kwyjibo3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Shoe took EGM in the right direction. It got rid of multi-reviews, which were pointless in the age of Metacritic, moved their focus to features, and hired some decent designers.

I didn't know what the hostility to EGM was from some of those here, given that even at it's close, it had stable circulation figures.

But then I saw a few posts referencing the PS3 cover. Yep, it was all down to that single cover, what petty vindictive sh1ts.

Let's ignore that it was actually a better magazine with better content. And concentrate on that one cover you didn't like because it made fun of your favourite little console. "That later EGM lost their integrity" - Shut up, you didn't even read it.

JoySticksFTW3199d ago

LOL at the e-thug!

Keep it gangsta :D

Egm fell into "ps3" hatefest that was all the rage at the time. Had you been reading then, you'd know that.

But you're too hard to bother reading, aren't you? :D

nightelfmohawk3199d ago

I'm sick of these corporate ass ****s like Gamefaqs, Gamespot, IGN, etc. Bring back real gaming journalism. EGM 4 Life!

Valay3199d ago

I didn't subscribe to EGM when it had its first run (wasn't too big on magazines at the time), but I'm considering it when it comes back in March.

KilZoneGeneralStrife3199d ago

So...people will buy it now? . . Whats changed?

pimpmaster3199d ago

the company went bankrupt, this mag actually sold.

Blaze9293199d ago

What's changed is that they bailed out with a lot of people's money and canceled their remaining subscription without a refund and supposedly shut down. Now here they are a few months later back open again. Continue my subscription where it left off EGM or GTFO!

Silence3199d ago

i remember back in the day when they had EGM and EGM2. You got it twice a month. Anyone here old school enough to remember that?

Limited_Vertigo3199d ago

I graduated HS in 2000, I used to get EGM in the mail along with a dozen other gaming magazines all through JrHigh and HS. Then college and the internet happened. I still have my entire magazine collection stored at my parent's place. Kinda cool to take a look at the old articles when I visit my parents. EGM had the best posters IMO.

Silence3199d ago

i had a subscription to all the gaming mags back in middle school/high school. My fave was GameFan. I'm 30 now, and all i get now is Game Informer and Playstation Mag.

Projekt7tuning3199d ago

I graduated in 98. I remember some of the other mags like Nextgen as well. Actually I think Nextgen was named something else first. So was EGM was too, wasn't it? Cant remember been to long. Well I glad to have it back by my "thrown".

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The story is too old to be commented.