GameZone: Bioshock 2 Preview

In what promises to be a huge start for 2010, there are several high-profile games on the release docket for the beginning of next year. One of the biggest titles on the horizon is Bioshock 2, 2K's follow-up to the hugely successful original Bioshock, which launched in 2007 to great critical acclaim and commercial success.

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Caspel3279d ago

I am not sold on playing as a Big Daddy

Viewtiful3279d ago

Yeah, this game seems to have Knights of the Old Republic 2 syndrome. I think it'll be good, but totally uninspired. Generally when the sequel goes to a new developer they just use the same art and gameplay style and are too scared to add enough of their own ideas.

athmaus3279d ago

the first game was really good, but i am not sold on playing as a big daddy like caspel said

wonder how the multiplayer will stack up?

Kyrwolf3279d ago

I thought the premise of the first game was really good, it was dangerous. Sure, it's evolved, but I agree, not sold on being a Big Daddy.