GameSpot: Dawn of Heroes Hands-On

There's a point when Dawn of Heroes--the upcoming swords and sorcery real-time strategy game for the Nintendo DS--gets weird. It might be the moment in the prologue when a long-lost king, looking to stop an evil beast from destroying the kingdom of Brimthule, decides to turn his enemy (and himself) into stone. It might be in the game's opening level where the duo of a ponytailed kung-fu warrior and a monk bicker about the pros and cons of being mercenaries.

It might be when a tightfisted queen recites a lofty speech that is loaded with "air quotes." Or it might be when, after defeating a couple of animated skeletons, the aforementioned mercenary duo encounter a floating, sentient belt that informs them they are prophesied to be the chosen ones. Finding out just what that prophecy means--and how much it pays--kicks off the start of the storyline in Dawn of Heroes.

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