No Demo or DLC For Darksiders

Darksiders' release is only two weeks away so this would be an ideal time to release a demo to give players a taste of this new IP. Don't expect one to show up on Xbox Live or PSN, though.

"We aren't doing a demo," Vigil Games general manager David Adams told VG247. "We didn't have the time our resources to prepare one – finishing the game came right down to the wire."

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mrv3213284d ago

I'm ok with no demo so long as there's no DLC also. If they go back on their word about DLC I won't be buying it.

3283d ago
RememberThe3573283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

I don't have anything against DLC but I like to see that he developer is giving us the entire game and not trying to play us to get more money.

@below: Just report as SPAM and let it go. He's just trolling.

cranium3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Wrong zone buddy. Are you lost?

RememberThe357- Yeah I guess ignoring them would be the best option.

Ninji3283d ago

And then you wake up to your mom packing your lunch and sending you off to school.

Rumor3283d ago

@mrv WHAT!!???!

on topic....

welluh..that sucks :/

kaveti66163283d ago

F*ck DLC.

When I buy a video game, I don't want to be on a damn installment plan, okay? For 65 bucks, they better give me the whole game and every aspect of that game should be included. This especially concerns games which are shipped incomplete in terms of story arc and then completed by DLC. That's crap. Some of you guys like the idea of DLC. I just think that it's the developers way of making us pay more money for something we already paid for. For example, Resident Evil 5 DLC.

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Relientk773284d ago

damn, I wanted a demo for this one, I really wanted to try it

kevco333284d ago

I'm really looking forward to this one - it's been long enough coming!

OtherWhiteMeat3284d ago

Not having a demo isn't a very good sign.Hope this game turns out good.

jalen2473283d ago

I agree. This is not a good sign. We will have to see what the reviewers think.

Bnet3433283d ago

Agreed, no demo for this is going to hurt it. I don't know that much about it.

Silly gameAr3283d ago

You guys notice that the hype for this game is nowhere near Bayonetta status, yet it looks like a pretty bad ass action game? I wonder why? I want to see some early reviews of this game too.

Darkfiber3283d ago

Two reviews out for Darksiders already, 9/10 and 10/10. It's not unheard of for a game to not have a demo though, but it's a little odd for a new IP.

OtherWhiteMeat3283d ago

Checked out a review (didn't think any were out)and I now have hope.

Silly gameAr3283d ago

Thanks for the link Meat. It seems like this game will be overlooked because of the Bayonetta "controversy". This game is definitely coming home with me when I scoop up Bayonetta.

hades073283d ago

Thanks for the link, bubbles for you my friend. All I have to say is WOW, this game sounds amazing and I like the fact it is more like Zelda then a action-game. I was going to get Bayonetta but that review totally changed my mind. The whole Angels and Demons storyline, with Mark Hamill as your watcher and tormentor, makes me want this game alot more then Bayonetta.

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