Mass Effect 2 Figurines on the way

The Lost Gamer writes "DC Unlimited has announced today that they are set to produce a range of figurines based on the characters from Bioware's sci-fi RPG title, Mass Effect 2."

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THE MAX SPEED 213135d ago

Yall know I love me some PVC/Action Figures.

The_Savior3135d ago

awesome mass effect is so much better than $ony rpg

anything by bioware is genuis

exclusive to 360.

The_Savior3135d ago

^ Above. Just joking. I'm probably going to get it for PC anyway.

But it will still be an awesome game nevertheless.

Mildrop3135d ago

Anything Mass Effect 2 has to be good, just wish the figures would come sooner, seems strange to leave it so long

Ninji3135d ago

The only figures I play with are sales figures.

farsided3135d ago

and honestly I was kinda disappointed with the paint job. it was not very high quality. (though this might have been a different company making a shepard figure, at least that's what I hope)

foxtheory3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

will look even more badass next to my Ezio figurine!

VladimirK3135d ago

Where's Wrex?
Nevermind the new guy, Wrex was awesome.

Haha, they should make one based on the sex scene with Liara actually, just to piss off all the folk who moaned about it.

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