VG247: BioShock 2's Jordan Thomas on rediscovering Rapture

VG247: "There's a lot at stake for Jordan Thomas, Creative Director of BioShock 2. As a man best known, not for designing famous games, but for designing famous levels (specifically, BioShock's brilliant Fort Frolic and Thief: Deadly Shadows' similarly standout Shalebridge Cradle) the keys to Rapture must have felt particularly heavy when 2K handed them over. Not only that, but the publisher tasked Thomas with creating his very own studio, 2K Marin, to make the sequel. So not only is this a game through which he must prove himself able to deliver a cohesive vision over a full game experience, but also his ability to handpick a talented team to deliver it is on test.

Add to this the pressure of maintaining the integrity of Ken Levine's vision as laid out in the original game, not to mention that of answering its many critics, it's no wonder the man looks a little tired as we sit down for a chat on a December Friday afternoon. But with just a few months left till release, there's perhaps no better time to reflect on the development so far, and look ahead to its conclusion. As ever, Thomas rises gracefully to the challenge."

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TwelfthCrusader3282d ago

Jordan Thomas was behind the Shalebridge Cradle. I trust this man!