Game Nutz Podcast: Episode 23: Now with prizes!

"In the first episode in a couple months without the Which Sucks Less feature, Boter and FearTheClaw (again with StickyNugget absent, I wonder what happened to him) carry the show without any embarrassing retreads of some of their earlier attempts (though they're in Canastota again; yay, acoustics). They start off with a conversation about downloadable content timing, move on to PBS televising the Video Games Live concert this year and video game music in general, and some new Nintendo trademarks. Boter, meanwhile, talks about downloadable content for A Kingdom For Keflings on Xbox Live Arcade, beta testing the same game on the PC, and then introduces the Dark Void Grab Bag of Swag.

To win the Grab Bag of Swag, do as the man says. Tell your friends to listen to the podcast and have them e-mail [email protected] with your name. We will then send them a question pertaining to this week's podcast. Once they answer (confirming that they did actually listen), you'll be credited for them. The person who gets us the most listeners (whether they ultimately become a subscriber or not) wins the Grab Bag of Swag."

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