Ten Superb Console-to-PC Ports

Troy Bond of TheGameReviews writes: "Since the dawn of the games console, they have been many attempts to port console games to the trusty old PC. Though most of these attemtps have yielded less than stellar resuls, every so often someone does it right. We decided to celebrate ten examples of games that have made the transition from console to PC with their full gameplay intact, and even in some cases beter than they were before. Here they are (in chronological order)."

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cain1413283d ago

Halo was pretty decent on the PC

iTZKooPA3283d ago

It started as a computer game though...

likedamaster3283d ago

Halo:CE for PC was awesome. Played it to death, even after Halo 2 came out on Xbox.

Charmers3283d ago

How on earth did they come to the conclusion that GTA SA was a "good" port ? It was an absolute heinous port and only saved by the fact we had decent PC's by that time.

You just need to look at the requirements for GTA SA, a Pentium 4 processor, 512mbs of system ram and 128mbs of Video ram. All that to run a game that didn't look all that much better than the PS2 using just 300mhz and 32mbs of ram.

Then we just need to look at all the bugs and errors in the game from glaring bugs like missing signs and trucks missing whole wheels to ear killing audio bugs. I think we can safely say GTA SA is an absolute abomination of a port and the guy that did this article is a moron.

Now having said that I can at least run GTA SA at 1680 x 1050 at nearly 80fps. All it took was a quadcore and a GTX 260 yeah real fantastic port ............... not.

Pumbli3283d ago

I played both GTA SA and GTA4 on PC and even though GTA SA was a bit demanding and kinda ugly, I can tell you, GTA4 is one of the worst excuses for a port on the PC ever. It demands a super computer and even if you did have an $8000 super computer the game would still bug so horribly it would be unplayable.

Pandamobile3282d ago

The only thing that GTA IV needs is a decent CPU. My friend runs it fine on the highest settings (draw distance and detail distance toned down) at 1680 x 1050 at 25-45 FPS with a Phenom X3 720 and 8800 GT.

Charmers3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Erm guys I know GTA 4 is a crap port I wasn't talking about GTA 4 I was saying GTA SA wasn't that much better. It has just as many problems and was as badly optimised as GTA 4 is. However the difference is we had massively better machines over the consoles by the time GTA SA came out so it wasn't "as noticeable".

All the GTA ports to the PC have been absolutely atrocious so it makes me wonder why the guy doing this article feels GTA SA was a good port :-/

As for the $8,000 rubbish, yes GTA 4 is a crap port but it isn't that bad. I can pretty much max it out with a quad and a GTX260 and run it at 30fps on 1680 x 1050. I can assure you my PC did not cost me $8,000.

Krud3282d ago

Yeah, one must really be reaching for titles if a GTA game made the cut. o_O

I can't believe they left out Halo, either. That seems like a no-brainer.

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BYE3283d ago

They should also make a worst PC port list, it would be much longer.

Resident Evil 4 for example was awful on PC. It made me get rid of the copy and get a Gamecube only to be able to play it.

SlamVanderhuge3283d ago

That list is unwritable...there isn't enough space on the internet to document them all

gidzilla3282d ago

Yeah Mass effect and Burnout are both pretty popular with the PC crowd

mr durand pierre3282d ago

I really wish this list was the other way around. I haven't had a top of the line PC in over a decade, but found consoles easy enough to keep up with for the most part. What I wouldn't give for a console port of Stalker or The Path.

mr durand pierre3282d ago

Oh and Zeno Clash is coming soon to XBLA. I'm excited to get retro with 2009 in 2010!