Mass Effect 2 Achievements Revealed has just published the achievement list for Mass Effect 2.

The game features 50 achievements and will reward you with the usual 1000 points.

***Spoiler warning***

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N4PS3G3106d ago

Spoilers!... Must Stay Away!

4Sh0w3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Its really vague stuff, I mean the closes thing to a spoiler is:

"Save humanity throughout the galaxy........." but I mean who doesn't know the game is about saving humanity from some sort of annihilation? Aren't most games? That really doesn't tell you anything specific about the story.

I particularly like this one:

Long Service Medal
Complete Mass Effect 2 twice, or complete it once with a charachter imported from Mass Effect 1.

SevWolf3106d ago

Yeh, that Long Service one is awesome :D , sort of rewards the players who kept their saves...but still I'll be playing it multiple times with my many old saces and new ones :) God my excitement is SKY HIGH!! I'm also happy that the Achievements seem challenging but not as time consuming as ME's ones...god thise were crazy and specific (those ally ones were a b1tch)

Saaking3106d ago

I'm currently playing through ME again to have my character ready for ME2.

003106d ago

I thought the achievements would be more creative.


They look espeacially easy compared to the first one, Reach level 30 i mean that doesn't sound to difficult unlike reaching level 60 in the first one. I hope theres more side missions and more worlds to explore other than that i so can't wait to get playing this.

blu_yu_away3106d ago

Unfortunately I fear that maybe level 30 is the sequels level cap like level 60 was in the first.

3106d ago
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