FTC paves the way for Nvidia's x86

It seems like the latest FTC lawsuit against Intel could spell many a great thing for Nvidia, and not just make them rediscover their artistic spirit. In a lawsuit filed on Wednesday, FTC proposed a few dodgy points, most notable being number 17 and 18.

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Kakkoii3280d ago

Yeah, hopefully this goes through. It will be good not just for Nvidia, but the whole industry. Sad that it's going to take so many months just to make it to court though.

Nihilism3279d ago

Hell yes, i've been waiting for this for a long time, they will likely create a decent enough cpu when paired with future iterations of fermi etc which will offload more and more to the gpu, ati and intel better be affraid.

A shame though that nvidia is also responsible for monopolizing their hardware like intel, with the chips that nvidia forces mobo makers to use in order to enable sli, when soft mods have enabled sli on x38 and x48 chipsets