GameZone: Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love Preview

GameZone writes: "Love is important. If you ever think it's not, just watch some TV – in between the 60-minute dramas and soap operas that tell us to follow our heart, there are 30-second commercials promoting online dating services, expensive hotlines, and Valtrex (for relationships that give you more than ever-lasting affection). Not unexpectedly, love found its way into video games a long time ago. For Navy Lt. Shinjiro Taiga, the leading star of Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, obtaining it might be the most important thing he does – next to saving the world, of course."

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Viewtiful3284d ago

Come on, NIS. Stop making PS2 games already. They're usually awesome but it sucks having to drag my PS2 out all the time because my PS3 is the inadequate 40g.

athmaus3284d ago

Another PS2 game? My PS2 is collecting dust in the back room. I wish my PS3 was back-comp...