New HD screens from Final Fantasy 13

The japanese import version of Final Fantasy 13 has arrived at the offices of and the guys have taken lots of direct-feed screens with a professional grabbing system in 720p. The screens show scenes from the PS3 version, including the first two hours of the game - Enjoy!

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Keanu7773256d ago

like the ice level and the light effects. but the fighting system looks complicated imo.

Optical_Matrix3255d ago

It's so easy to use it's unbelievable. The only people who find it hard are people that make it so for themselves. If you use it properly, battles are so fast paced. Trust me. Takes about 3 battles to get used to it all.

neotom3256d ago

"thanks" to the 360 version, the graphics aren't that good. disadvantage of all multiformat games...

crazy17043256d ago

not that good??

Are you even looking at those screens??? they look simply amazing tbh

ClownBelt3255d ago

Are you blind? Holy crap! This game looks phenomenal.

we won3255d ago

It doesn't matter if what he says is real, fact or based in reality, as long as he has a chance/excuse to bash.

HoltzHolzt3255d ago

gawd, I cant wait for this game. Playing a big daddy is just so cool

The Creep3255d ago


unless your talking about the black guy, i think your in the wrong thread mate

kewlkat0073255d ago

noting spectacular...this game looks better in motion.

SilvertipShark3255d ago

I started playing the Japanese version and so far I love it, the graphics are awesome!!!


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