Free wi-fi coming to a McDonald's near you... again

McDonald's is going to slash their usage charges for wi-fi access to the low, low price of absolutely free. McDonald's restaurants currently charge $2.95 for two hours of wireless Internet access, fries, and a coke (fries and coke not included).

What's interesting about this news is that McDonald's had offered free wi-fi in the past, back in 2008 to be more specific. It was only after they saw how much people "abused" it by hanging out and not buying anything that they decided to start charging for access.

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Cookigaki3256d ago

Cookigaki loves McNuggets! McNuggets should be free instead of wifi.

Blaze9293256d ago

damn I havent had McNuggets in a LONG time

darthv723255d ago

I know they had ds download stations in their play areas but to me.

rockleex3255d ago

At McDonalds this Saturday.



ThanatosDMC3255d ago

Besides wifi those mcdonalds restaurants need to fix their building and have outlets so people with laptops could properly use it. But then again it's mcdonalds and who would want to stay there for too long just to get robbed when they go outside. Yep, it happens where i live.

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h0tz0rz3256d ago

hey i remember when wi-fi was free at mcdonalds. they started charging for it? what gives!

Vault Boy3256d ago

Really? I never new mcdonald's had wi-fi at all. I guess I'd pay more attention to those things if I had a laptop.

L80BelfDK3256d ago

Real gamers have laptops so they can play WoW at McDonald's...

karan86243256d ago

Did you like pay for the password to the network and they changed it every 2 hours? Otherwise, how would they charge you for it?

ReBurn3255d ago

You can't access the web without going through their authentication gateway. Their router just keeps sending you to the login page if your machine hasn't registered and logged in.

It's a system much like you see in hotels where you have to enter the room number and password to gain access.

BigKev453256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

Have any of you tried the new Angus burgers at McDonald's?
They are a step above their regular burgers.

jjesso19933256d ago

it was free when i was in florida last year well it was just an open network

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The story is too old to be commented.