Top 5 Racing Games of 2009

2009 has been a very good year for the racing game industry, with a couple mega titles dropping down to the end of the year. All in all, it's good to see that developers are now pushing the graphical and physics frontier in order to bring racers that are much closer to reality.

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Bereaver3135d ago

I'll say it loud and clear and I'll get a lot of disagrees and agrees.

A great year for arcade racers!

A terrible year for sims!

Uncle Rico3135d ago

Depends on preferences I guess. Overall a good list for the average racing gamer.

JOLLY13135d ago

A great year for arcade racers!

A terrible year for sims on the ps3....

Uncle Rico3135d ago

lmao! Gran Turismo is coming soon... :)

Uncle Rico3135d ago

Yea dude, will blow all the other racers out of the water

SalvatoreLeone3135d ago

Good year for arcade racers!

RonyDean3135d ago

Arcade racers this year were awesome! Forza 3 let me down.

3135d ago
pcgia3126d ago

I'm on a G25 and DiRT 2 is deg my fav by far... it's just tough and thrilling!