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Valay3279d ago

Well I can't really complain much this week with the release of Smash Bros. And this must mean Pilotwings will be out next week.

Now I just hope Castlevania or Cave Story are one of next week's WiiWare releases.

hatchimatchi3279d ago

I thought smash bros was already on the virtual console? crazy.

When is cave story coming out? That game looks really cool.

I wish the n64 section would get updated more regularly, i'd love to see:

hybrid heaven
shadows of the empire
wcw/nwo revenge
mischief makers
shadow man
excite bike 64

Neo Nugget3279d ago

Wow, Smash Brothers actually made it to VC? *looks outside to see if pigs are flying*

KeenanTheSavage3279d ago

Nuff' said. Thanks Nintendo. :D

3279d ago