Telegraph: Top 10 downloadable video games of 2009

Telegraph writes: "We pick our top ten downloadable games of 2009.

10. Shatter

Smashing bricks by batting a ball against them is a concept nearly as old as gaming itself, but Shatter is perhaps the first game to do something genuinely different with the idea, making it comfortably the best Arkanoid clone ever created. The space setting gives the visuals a pristine sci-fi sheen which feels oddly fitting, while the exceptional electronica soundtrack is easily one of the year's best. Its blend of vertical, horizontal and circular stages lends the familiar mechanics a fresh new feel, and its fast pace makes beating your own high score – or those of your friends – an addictive thrill. With some interesting power-ups and inventive boss battles to add variety, this modern twist on an arcade classic is more than worth the bargain price."

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