CryTek on why Developers move to Multiplatform

CC: It wasn't a total shock when we heard that Crysis 2 would be coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, basically because it's going to do well on the PC, and the addition of two huge entertainment systems wasn't going to do it harm. However, it seems the reason that CryTek moved to consoles in the first place, was because of piracy.

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ruleroftekken3281d ago

Understandable, but I would have thought that Crysis 2 was coming to PS3 and 360 because it'll rack up a few good sales.

mjolliffe3281d ago

I just want to see a bit more footage of Crysis 2 and CryENGINE 3 :D

Arnon3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

That footage looks so subpar. I am so happy I am buying Crysis 2 on PC. That looks like Crysis on medium settings. Unfortunately, I have a feeling it's going to punish our PCs considering it supports DX11.

champ213280d ago

cant wait for the game. pc version will be great.

got a 5970 waiting to play this.

presto7173280d ago

Will it be on ps3 and xbox?

Skip_Bayless3280d ago

Developers who choose multiplatform want to make a quick buck instead moving technology forward. Case in point GTA4 and Final Fantasy 13.

m-s-8-23280d ago

A quick buck? Most are in no position to take a chance with a single platform release. Unless a developer is owned outright by a major publisher 1 game that doesn't do well critically or commercially could be their last, and even that doesn't make them safe.

Persistantthug3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

I remember the Crytek Engine being described as being so well developed and fully optimised among the 3 platforms (PC, XBOX 360, and PS3) that basically, if you design 1 version, with a "button push", you have 3 versions pretty much made.

That would in fact be revolutionary in terms of game design. That would be driving the game industry forward by saving developers countless hours, money, and resources.

And hopefully it works REALLY well, so well, that we can finally get the Unreal Engine put to rest.

aGameDeveloper3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Developers who really want to make a quick buck would develop a 360 exclusive. With a fixed hardware target and a PC-like development environment, you have the best of both worlds.

The only thing that could be quicker would be to license a multi-platform engine and use it with little to no modification... giving gamers tons of "Gears of Wars" or "Unreal 3" clones. Obviously, this does not apply to CryTek.

siyrobbo3280d ago

in other words, they saw the runaway success of unreal engine 3 and saw dollar signs

Persistantthug3280d ago

Unreal Engine is so overused this gen, I'm definitely awaiting this Crytek 3 Engine. Id's engine might be good too....we'll see.

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_insane_gamer_3281d ago

What it's going to look better than Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2?

Day one buy. Defo.

thereapersson3280d ago

Because it sure isn't going to be a 360-based engine that looks better than those titles you mentioned

Sarcasm3280d ago

Maybe it will, maybe it won't. The fact that it's coming to consoles is already good enough IMO.

Nihilism3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

That would be amazing for all gamers if it was, as cryengine 3 is a middleware engine it would open up the floodgates for a stack of amazing looking games, but for some reason, people seem to wish it failure, if I had a ps3 I would be praying to god that every game released topped every other in graphics, but the backwards logic of many means they want uncharted 2 to remain at the top :S

Don't know why anyone would want graphics to stagnate, but I suppose it comes with buying a console

thereapersson3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

I just hope that if they create their CryEngine as middleware, that they can make it run smoothly across ALL platforms. It just doesn't help forward-progression if your engine which is multiplatform-centric catered primarily toward one console (Unreal Engine, for example).

edit @ Guido:

Agreed, although I think by the time the tech is actually out and used in practice, I'm sure bigger and better things will come along for both of those games that will mean advances in their respective technology.

Guido3280d ago

We will see a game that is ok on the consoles and look even better on the PC. It will more than likely have a few subtle differences between PS3 and 360 but will turn out to be a touch less attractive than Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2. By the time it is released, the PS3 will have more titles that rival the game and give it a run for the money.

Multiplatform games just can't compete with the top dog exclusives to the PS3. The PC version will look great but the console version just won't do it justice.


Nitrowolf23280d ago

well with the engine they are using and how it looks on PC i would not be surprised
only game i see that can possibly beat KZ2 in graphics
im just happy its coming to console

DaTruth3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Than you agree all developers should stop making multiplatform titles and games for 360 and focus exclusively on the PS3; Because we don't want graphics to stagnate, Right?

Nihilism3280d ago

I've got no problem with multiplats, I do have a problem with bad multiplats though. Farcry 2 is the second best looking pc game I have ever seen ( counting crysis and crysis warhead together at the top), and it is a multiplat, with the right amount of effort etc there is no reason the games cannot look the best they possibly can for their respective platform.

Fingers crossed cryengine 3 is the middleware engine to eliminate the exclusive/multiplat gap. But we'll find out in time.

I would honestly prefer 60 frames over insane graphics at 30 frames though right now, poor performance kills immersion.

bjornbear3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

but i foresee a Killzone 3 VS. Crysis 2 (PS3 VERSION) HEAD TO HEAD matches here on N4G in the future =O

EDIT: Before anyone misinterprets this:

I don't mean KZ3 will HAVE to be out to compete with Cry 3, but that by the time Cry3 comes out, KZ3 will have come out too =D

Pandamobile3280d ago

Killzone 3 will look better than Crysis 2 on PS3.

But the PC version will be in a league of its own.

DeathMetal3280d ago

of course it will look better, the last one is 3 years old and it still looks better than any console game

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mjolliffe3280d ago

Definitely. Though I wouldn't be surprised if the got a little bored of the PC and wanted to explore the console systems :)

Either way, it's going to be a good move for them.

aGameDeveloper3280d ago

Actually, that's a relevant point. The career/resume of a programmer is boosted by having console experience. A developer who gives their programmers no chance to expand their skills in this area runs the risk of losing them to other developers.

hitthegspot3280d ago

Not that I don't disagree whith what he said, but we all know that multiplat is all about the money. The more targets, the more money..

dpdvxkpizbnwg3280d ago

Agreed. All about the money. What would they do if there weren't any consoles? Just give up because of piracy? No.

They're in it for the money. And their gonna get mine because I can't wait for Crysis 2 :D

tdrules3280d ago

theyve developed a system that allows SIMULTANEOUS development on PS3 and 360.
theyre clearly leading industry forward and decided to kick multiplat development in the arse and stop people using vaseline unreal engine 3 that only really runs well on one system

Sarcasm3280d ago

Well they said it's because of Piracy, which is an indirect way of saying losing money.

It's still pretty amazing that the 360 is heavily pirated but still managed to SELL a lot of copies. I wonder what the sales would have been if piracy wasn't an issue on it.

tdrules3280d ago

its their fault for releasing a game that no one could run on full on release.
no one is willing to fork out money for a game that may murder their PC in cold blood.
and it wasnt on Steam, if it was it would have sold much more than 2M that it did.

DaTruth3280d ago

I was gonna say 2 million sounds like a profitable number, but than I realized PC games are like half the price and Crysis probably cost more to make than most games!

Nihilism3280d ago

PC games are royalty free, meaning that even at a lesser price the games usually have a higher profit margin, just look at the companies that use steam etc, they sell the games for practically half price + they give valve a cut, and they still laugh all the way to the bank

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