PSP-4000 Advert Was a "Mistake"

NG writes:

"[The company behind the advert's] licence manager Angela Jones told Negative Gamer, after looking up the advert online, that it was a "mistake on our part" and that she wasn't sure what had happened. She added that Sony wern't, as far as she knew, releasing a new console."

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ruleroftekken3194d ago

If it is, it's the biggest mistake of their careers in the gaming industry :P

_insane_gamer_3194d ago

How can you make that mistake? Seriously.

Noctis Aftermath3194d ago

They are just trying to seal the leak, but it's to late, the leak has now turned into a burst water pipe.

The PSP-4000 is coming, it's just a matter of time before Sony announce it.

gaffyh3194d ago

^(in Dave Chappelle voice) A moment like this, some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.... :)

Also, told you so.

Seedhouse3194d ago

Lol, whatever Gaffy...

There were also leaks for PSP Go and PS3 Slim that all the companies denied, and look how they turned out... ;)

gaffyh3194d ago

This must be what Pachter feels like when he gets something right... :), no hard feelings seedhouse

cyberwaffles3194d ago

oh yeah, sure sony, like we haven't heard this before. i think i remember hearing them a while ago saying the ps3 slim and price drop were all rumors, didn't they?

nonetheless, that super secret guy said a while ago that a newer psp would be coming out later after the go's release and he seems to be correct again.

multipayer3194d ago

The 3 and 4 key on a keyboard are awfully close together... I do want to see UMD evolve into an HD format though.

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ScubaSteve13194d ago

Sure Sony what ever, just pretend to lie and your probally gona announce it at e3

wardrox3194d ago

Sony haven't said anything, not sure if you read the post.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3194d ago

...The xBox 360 is a "Mistake" ;-D

ginganinja3194d ago

Whether it's coming or not, it's not exactly bad publicity for the company is it? Bet that ad's been seen by a few more folks than it would normally.

likedamaster3194d ago

It very well should have been. We don't want another psp, we want a better psp... PSP2!

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