JIG: Continuity Review

JIG writes: "Of all the literature I used to discover off of elementary school reading lists, one book sticks in my head, even to this day: A Wrinkle in Time. To be honest, I'm rather murky on the plot details, my memory of the characters doesn't extend too far beyond a Mrs. Who (she was there, right?), and don't even ask me about the themes. But one illustration I remember quite well, in my particular edition: a character demonstrates how they can travel great distances in virtually no time at all. They produce an ant, and then goad it along a length of string like a tightrope. The character then brings the two ends of the string together, and presto! You've got a tidy explanation for an awfully complex phenomenon. Thankfully, a game has traded in the ants and string for an even simpler and more entertaining experience. Welcome to Continuity, an exquisite puzzler from Nils Stefan Bertil."

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