StarCraft II Closed Beta Begins

Luis 'Paperkat' Di Centa, who was crowned World of Warcraft champion at BlizzCon 2008, reports that he has received an invitation for the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty closed beta.


Update: we have confirmed that this was a hoax. Blizzard issues this statement:

"This is not correct. We have not sent out beta invitations yet and there is no download available. If you do get a mail claiming you made it into the beta now, be very careful and check back with your contact at Blizzard to avoid installing trojans."

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Jonoc333279d ago

Move along people! Nothing to see here.

Sarcasm3279d ago

Ugh... People are tired of waiting for GT5. Well I'm tired of waiting for Starcraft 2.

I was mind blowned when it was first announced with that whole website thing, but now the wait is ridiculous.

I hope it ends up being really good though so the wait will be worth it.

Perjoss3279d ago

its blizzards latest game, it has a single player portion, of course it will be good.

moe843279d ago

Just in case this is all bullsh!t. If you get an email, before blindly clicking links check out here...


Link to the customer service forums at
There are 4 pages of fake emails Blizz has seen, so you know what they look like. For starters, where the email is from should grab your attention. They have some examples of fake SC2 Beta invites.

3279d ago
jakethesnake3279d ago

Seems like an odd time to start a Beta, doesn't it? Why not wait two weeks so that it's the new year.

Plus, there is this:

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