Nintendo Power review scores

The review scores from the latest edition of Nintendo Power have been released.

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Valay3251d ago

It's interesting how the reviews for The Crystal Bearers have been inconsistent. Game Informer gave the game a 5.5, yet here Nintendo Power gave it an 8.0. I haven't had a chance to play the game yet, but it does seem to be a little disappointing so far.

Xander-RKoS3251d ago

Game Informer hates the Wii, if you read their reviews, they are amazingly inaccurate. Besides, do you remember their modern warfare Reflex review? They start off with "First person shooters on the Wii suck" which is a pretty big indicator on how "unbiased" they are. Also, despite the name, Nintendo Power is a very good source of reviews for all things Nintendo, I really like their reviews and trust them over GI and IGN.

CoffeewithChess3251d ago

I agree, I think that Game Informer is incredibly biased/lacking in hand-eye coordination when it comes to reviewing/playing Wii games.
I've written several reviewers at Game Informer, asking questions about their reviews of certain games, and I've never received a reply from them.

hatchimatchi3251d ago

I think GI and Nintendo Power are both bad outlets to use for reviews.

GI obviously doesn't care much for motion controls.

Nintendo Power is extremely forgiving in their reviews.

Crazy too cause back in the 90's gi and nintendo power were THE best magazine available.

Me personally, i like gametrailers the best. They've never steered me wrong.

EvilTwin3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

NP has gotten a bit better in the past few years, but you're right about them being more forgiving overall.

GI...I just gave up on. They make their editorial preferences known, and they don't seem to much care about being objective at this point.

GT is a pretty good source. I read/watch them and Destructoid most of the time (I used to count IGN in there, but I just don't know about their setup at this point). If I remember correctly, GT gave FFCC a 7.7. Not a bad score, but not what you'd expect from a game that's been in development for over four years.

hatchimatchi3251d ago

yea i forgot about destructoid. I love that site, they come off as regular gamers that you would come across playing an online game or be standing in line next to at a midnight launch.

PS360WII3251d ago

Yeah Crystal Bearers is an 8. Great game. Don't know about GI as I didn't read their take on it but if it's as low as you guys point out all I can say is that they proably didn't play it and just wrote a few generic phrases down and thought up a score for it.

3251d ago
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