NPD Numbers Mean Nothing-Counterpoint 006-Topic #1

With the November 2009 NPD numbers being released just last week fanboys are running rampant trying to defend their systems. However Joel Taveras of DualShockers and Jay Michaels of Pixel Enemy explain how NPD numbers are worthless as they run right through Topic 1 of Episode 006 of Counterpoint dragging Mark Remo in the mud behind them the whole way.

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Saaking3280d ago

Yep, 360 may have won in NA, but it's still getting destroyed world wide. So in the big picture, the PS3 is doing much better.

Cyrax_873280d ago

lol funny sentence. funny thing is, before I followed a random link to this site, I never knew fanboys were this bad >_>

Anyways, can't wait till next year, us gamers are getting freaking spoiled with games >_>

taz80803280d ago

@ cyrax - fanboys are almost to the point where they are ruining online and gaming communities because it has gotten to the point where no one can comment without being labeled a fanboy or flamed by a fanboy. Pretty sad state of affairs.

Cyrax_873280d ago

...kinda makes me wish I was young again when I first started playing games on the NES and Sega Megadrive. God damn, THOSE were the days =)

I could literally play games like Kung Fu, Alex the Kidd, Altered Beast and Columns for days. The word "fanboy" would've been alien to me back then.

JoelT3280d ago

Be careful with the "F" word in here, they're all watching you!

sikbeta3279d ago

Now go explain this to people that think:

America = T3h VVør|d

Marceles3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )


yeah I hear you, I can only imagine what gaming would be like if we brought the fanboys to the 8-bit generation.

"I have to blow into my NES cartridge?? FLOP! Brb...playing my Sega Master System with Shinobi"
"I have a grey and black blinking screen of death, I think NES is DOOOOMMED!"
"haha have fun with your Power Glove you stupid NES fanboys, the Sega Activator is the TRUE next gen motion controller"

StanLee3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I think everyone understands that markets such as Europe, Japan, Australia and parts of Asia represent culminatively, the largest video game market but let's not kid ourselves; North America is the single largest video game market and in terms of visibility, marketing and merchandizing, it's the one market in which you want to have the most success. Anyone who thinks differently is very naive or a fanboy. Success in North America can carry a product far beyond profitability but it's clear Microsoft understand that you have to be competitive in all markets and you've seen they try to push towards breaking into other global gaming markets.

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taz80803280d ago

NPD numbers are purely an indicator for stock analysts. As for gamers no one should really care. NPD only feeds the flames of flame wars and name calling

JoelT3280d ago

Jay Michaels made an excellent point. NPD results does not include Amazon or Walmart. The two retailers who are arguably the biggest in the world. So how accurate can the NPD be anyway?

DelbertGrady3280d ago

Didn't know that. Amazon and Walmart probably stand for like 50% of console and software sales. If not more.

Sarcasm3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

"Amazon or Walmart. The two retailers who are arguably the biggest in the world. So how accurate can the NPD be anyway? "

I forgot where the article is, but there was an article with NPD stating that Walmart and Amazon they make "estimations" and include that data with their reports.

It does prove that NPD is not as accurate as everyone thinks, but there really isn't any other sources that track data like they do. VGChartz doesn't count because there's no possible way a handful of folks running that site can calculate worldwide numbers from a huge number of different regions.

sikbeta3279d ago

If NPD doesn't include Amazon and Walmart, who track this 2 retailers?

jayblings3279d ago

Nobody tracks them. They don't release their numbers.

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MURKERR3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

the media are using NPD as smoke and mirrors especially the 100k gap for november such is the sad state of journalism since this gen

Sarcasm3280d ago

Sorta true. Any "lead" the 360 makes on the U.S. is automatically nullified from Japan alone. And that's not even including EU numbers.

mjolliffe3279d ago

They say this can beat The Bonus Round with the legend that is Geoff 'Mr. Exclusive' Keighley?

No way.

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