Silent Hill: Shattered Memories 720p screenshots

Check out some of the first screenshots of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories taken in 720p.

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Valay3220d ago

I do appreciate seeing Wii games in 720p, but these shots aren't the best. In the first/fourth screens especially, it looks a bit grainy. Still, like I said, I find it neat to see how Wii titles appear in 720p.

sam22363220d ago

That's the grain filter. All the SH games have it.

DrRobotnik3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I know Nintendo is capable of doing this on the Wii. I just would like to hear a legit reason why won't.

Valay3220d ago

The most recent comment from Nintendo (well, Reggie) is that they basically seem interested in waiting for the next console since there "there will be more to it" instead of just HD support.

hades073220d ago

Nintendo needs to come out with a new version of the Wii, like PS3 did with the slim, and make the only difference to it the fact it can upconvert to 720P and alot more people would be interested in it. The super mario galaxy 720P pics a long time ago looked amazing.

pcz3220d ago

there have been countless news items about silent hill shattered memories here on n4g and they have largely been ignored. but now there is a 720p emulation everybody acts like its a new game. its pathetic. so glad i don't give a damn about the 'resolution race'

n4f3220d ago

welcome to the next generation of gamer, its sad like the future of this world...

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