Greenberg Confirms 360 Exclusives Line Up for the First Half of 2010

TMC: Talking on the latest Major Nelson Podcast Aaron Greenberg seems to confirm the xbox 360 exclusive line up for the first half of 2010.Looks like Mr.Greenberg just confirmed Alan Wake and Crackdown 2 for the first half of the year. Good to know!

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Cajun Chicken3278d ago

Crackdown 2, baby!

Ready to blow up some s**t!

snipermk03278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

funny how games on the PC are also considered "exclusives". LOL

JasonPC360PS3Wii3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Windows = Microsoft
360 = Microsoft

So they are MS exclusives because there is no way to play these games without owning one or the other.


snipermk03278d ago

M$ doesn't get anything for playing on PC. Games for Windows LIVE is only a certification and the entire money goes to the devs making the game.

StanLee3278d ago

That's not exactly true and I don't know why it's regurgitated by fanboys on the internet. Microsoft receives royalties for games running on the Windows platform even if they don't utilize the Games for Windows Live service.

RockmanII73278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

So if I pirate LBP for my PSP does that mean LBP is no longer a Sony exclusive because they didn't make any money off it?


Since I can get GoW, LBP, and GT on my PSP are they no longer PS3 exclusives?

SnuggleBandit3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Even if they are "microsoft" exclusives (debatable), they are still NOT 360 exclusives


Unicron3278d ago

"MS exclusives" You spin me right round baby right round.

Can't wait for the superior ME2 on PC. Amazing sequel to an amazing game.

xTruthx3278d ago

For those who think MS gets $ from PC games, your mistaken. They don't get anything. They have said it, you can look it up in google.

TheDeadMetalhead3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

You can use hte "Microsoft exclusive" argument all you want, but can I get Mass Effect 2 without a 360? Yes I can. Therefore, not 360 exclusive.

Is LBP PS3 exclusive? No, it is also on PSP. There is no "b-b-but Sony exclusive", if I can play it without having to get a PS3, it is not PS3 exclusive. Same rule applies for 360/PC games.

gta28003278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

They're not really exclusive. If I don't have to buy a 360 to play some of these games then they're not 360 exclusives. I only own a PS3 and I recently bought a Sony Vaio laptop that can play Crysis. And guess what? I didn't shell out 1,000+ dollars for it. Not even 900, 800, or even 700! just 638 USD! =D

"Is LBP PS3 exclusive? No, it is also on PSP. There is no "b-b-but Sony exclusive", if I can play it without having to get a PS3, it is not PS3 exclusive. Same rule applies for 360/PC games."

So getting a PC version that is superior to the 360 version is the same thing as getting a downgraded PSP port of a PS3 game? The PC/360 games are on the same level, only the PC versions are always superior. A PSP port from a PS3 game isn't even on the same level. They can be considered separate games because the PSP game wont offer what the PS3 version has to offer other than gameplay. That's like saying GT5 isn't a PS3 exclusive cause there's a GT game on the PSP.

SnuggleBandit3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )


You are confusing exclusive franchises with exclusive games

Metal Gear solid 4 = Ps3 exclusive

Metal Gear Franchise = Has appeared on numerous consoles

LordMarius3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Uh wrong, both offer different levels and usage of tools, same franchise different game.

TheDeadMetalhead3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Oh, they are different? I thought the PSP version was just the PS3 version with less content and no multiplayer. :/

Okay, fine. But my point was "MS exclusive" =/= 360 exclusive.

@1.16 - Again, I thought LBP was the same game on PSP. I thought it had the same levels, same creation tools, same everything (except graphics, of course). I didn't know it was like Gran Turismo and GoW: CoO.

pippoppow3278d ago

Just had to see what exclusives Greenguy had listed. PC ports and 2 true exclusives. Crackdown2 and Alan Wake(may come to PC later (btw). Both will be at least good games but just 2 with the claim of exclusivity of PC ports. PC ports like FF14, DC Online, ME2, SC:C are not exclusives. You do not need to own a console to play those games.

Also STAN; MS doesn't own the PC platform. Hence they get no royalty fees from PC game sales. A Dev and can a make a game, sell and distribute the game without MS' blessings. Oh and the Games for Windows logo is just a compatibility seal of approval. Please look it up.

The games will be good but lets not call them exclusives just to pad lists when they aren't. It's just false advertising and MS does not own the PC platform.

Nihilism3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

You don't know what you're talking about, game developers pay MS to get the games for windows certification, which just means it works on windows, the game sales though, MS doesn't get anything, PC is not a MS platform tool. The only money MS gets from me is a new OS every few years, in between they don't get a god damn cent from software, games or hardware, and that's the way I like it.


after reading saakings link an edit is in order, they get no money even for the games for windows sticker, lol

"It’s also important to note that Microsoft does not get royalties off of PC game sales. The Games for Windows label DOESN'T COST A PUBLISHER ANYTHING, but Microsoft is pushing it to try and become a singular voice for PC gaming."

3278d ago
TheBest3278d ago

For your first argument, it's still a PSP exclusive because YOU'RE PLAYING IT ON THE PSP! Jeez ...

For your second argument, the GOW/GT/LBP on the PSP are very different games than the PS3 GOW/GT/LBP. Hence, the PSP versions are PSP exclusive, and the PS3 versions are PS3 exclusive. The franchises are exclusive to the PlayStation brand (ie not playable on 360, Wii or PC).

So please, try again. Spin it right this time.

3278d ago
Godmars2903278d ago

And this is suppose to mean exactly what? How does MS getting a cut from an indy or 3rd party dev contribute to the further development or current quality of titles on Windows or even the 360?

I mean it sounds like you believe MS has this enormous high-end dev house, not that they're just being greedy.

raztad3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Xbox owners need to left behind the illusion PC games are MS exclusives. It's just not true.

The PC is an open platform and MS only provide the barebone OS, it's up to hardware manufacturers/devels to provide drivers/software/support. I dont see anyone, just to say something, sending his/her computer to MS when the graphic card has compatibility issues with a game.

3278d ago
gta28003278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

"Microsoft receives royalties for games running on the Windows platform even if they don't utilize the Games for Windows Live service."

Even if that's so, it boggles my mind that Microsoft gets money left and right and they piratically have enough money to buy out whatever they want, they try and squeeze every penny out of 360 owners and Windows users. Yet, their 1st party exclusives never match what Sony has to offer even though Microsoft has the funding to do so and they never manage to lock up real exclusives. That's pathetic. It doesn't matter how much money Microsoft is making if they're not gonna be putting that into their gaming division.

Darkeyes3278d ago

@s8anic.... He is a PR guy, what else do you expect him to say? He gets paid for doing what he does and that to an @ss load.

And for those arguing about 360 exclusive or M$ exclusive..... Here is the fact...

I DON'T own a 360
I DON'T intend to buy a 360
But I WILL play ME2 and SC:C WITHOUT a 360

Do that by replacing 360 by Ps3 and the games by PS3 exclusives and see how you fail.

And for the people saying M$ gets royalties, sorry but M$ doesn't get a dime out of it... That is why PC games are always cheaper.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

unless you're a mac user MS will always get your money.

and you have to be a dumb fvck to believe that windows seal of approval on all PC games is free :)

that seal is proof that the game runs on windows.

and 75 percent of ps3 gamers run windows on their PCs.

lolz, i already know ps3 gamers thoughts.

ps3 gamers "bla bla bla, i'm not hearing anything you have to say"

edit to (Saaking), you mean to tell me that you can play, Alan wake, lost odeyssey, Crackdown, Crackdown2, blue dragon, gears of war2, gears of war3, halo3, halo reach, halo wars, forza3, banjo kazooie, dead or alive 4, all on your PC too?

now who's lieing.

3278d ago
Unicron3278d ago

You know it's funny... I see so many people arguing over whether or not MS gets any of my money. The thing is, I don't care. This isn't about "denying MS my money" or whatever lame crackpot theory the Xbox fannies have concocted this time. It's about the fact that I don't need to buy a piece of hardware that I frankly don't need, in order to play a bunch of awesome games.

Does that mean the "360 sucks" or blah blah fanboy battle? No. It means that the system would be useless FOR ME. But thanks for taking such a vested interest in my purchases gents :-)

Happy Holidays.

ThanatosDMC3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

::facepalm:: This "exclusives" argument again... It's like trying to argue with a rock.

I agree with Unicron point above.

mikeslemonade3278d ago

The only game i'm buying here is Splinter Cell. All the other games are rentals. It's the only game here that has replay value.

gta28003278d ago

Please read my post above. But yes, my laptop runs windows but I don't care. All this money Microsoft is making obviously isn't going into their gaming division so it doesn't even matter. Microsoft rips off 360 owners with all their accessories, online fee's and all this other junk...but not even that money seems to go into the division it game from lol.

3278d ago
3278d ago
SonySoldierEternaL3278d ago

probably because you post way too much

Persistantthug3278d ago

"It’s also important to note that Microsoft does not get royalties off of PC game sales. The Games for Windows label doesn’t cost a publisher anything, but Microsoft is pushing it to try and become a singular voice for PC gaming."

Nihilism3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Good link

Pc gaming= 12 billion in 2008 ( that's just game sales, no hardware etc)

PC gaming is definitely not dead

lowcarb3278d ago

Some people will do or say anything to try and discredit anything coming to 360. Everyone of you desperate trolls can sit up here and say these or those games are not exclusive but you all know we are talking about console exclusives. These games are coming to 360 not PS3 and if a pc gamer wants to get them whenever they are released then fine. 360 has one heck of a year coming up and no matter how hard you try and say you don't need a 360 it won't change the fact that it's the must have console.

3278d ago
IdleLeeSiuLung3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Buying a game for Windows strengthen the notion that Windows is the "it" OS i.e that the Windows gaming market is healthy. So either way a win for MS!

Spin it any way you want, but MS got you by the balls if you want to play those exclusive games. Enjoy!

SilentNegotiator3278d ago

Son...I am disappoint.

Otherwise, glad to see some games on the way. Wish they weren't all coming to January like that, though.

Nihilism3278d ago

I don't buy MS windows because it plays games, I buy it because it's the best OS in my opinion, the fact that it plays games is a bonus, "spin it any way you like" but MS doesn't get a cent from pc gaming and half the games in that 'exclusive' list are also available on pc

camachoreloaded88063278d ago

about the consoles. Mainly between the Wii, PS3, and the 360. There's always these fanboy console wars between the PS3 and the 360, so why not just leave it between those two. When he's saying that games are 360 exclusive, he's basically saying you can play them on the 360 and not on the other consoles its competing against, the PS3 and Wii. I think all you fanboys know that too, but you continue to argue it anyways cause you have a technically valid reasoning.

I know there's exceptions, but the majority of PS3 owners (or any other console for that matter) are not PC gamers, so therefore, the majority of PS3 owners will not be able to enjoy these "360 exclusives." Go to your local Gamestop (or any store that takes videogame reservations) and ask them how many preorders they have for the PC versions of Mass Effect 2, Conviction, and Alan Wake, compared to the 360 version.

Yes, a PS3 owner can enjoy a "360 exclusive" if he had a gaming PC, but I really think that when people call these games exclusive for the 360, they mean to say, "The Xbox 360 profits and makes sales through these titles, and the Sony Playstation 3/Nintendo Wii don't." Microsoft considers these titles to be exclusive if they can be played on their own console and not on competing consoles, and I'm pretty sure they don't consider the PC to be competition.

multipayer3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Most of these aren't even confirmed for PC, and if we are speculating they'll be released a year from now. Just think in 5 years we will be able to emulate all these consoles...

Back to TCs point, Crackdown=best super hero/villain sandbox game EVER.

littletad3278d ago

It's amazing how every gamer (ps3 gamer) here in n4g assumes everyones a pc gamer. Funny how we can logically claim a game is not exclusive if it has a pc counterpart, but the ignorance of the origins of Metal Gear and Final Fantasy still runs rampant. Ironic much?

Shepherd 2143278d ago

funny how PS3 doesnt get these games, otherwise you wouldnt be so sore about it.

PotNoodle3278d ago

"Windows = Microsoft
360 = Microsoft

So they are MS exclusives because there is no way to play these games without owning one or the other.


I absolutely love that. The fact is, exclusive means that it is only on one platform, it being on two platforms means it isn't exclusive. Do you have to buy a 360 to play those games that also release on PC? No.

Both them platforms being owned by Microsoft is entirely irrelevant, when people say they don't want a 360, most of the time they're not saying it is because they don't want to support Microsoft, so i don't see how that whole angle came into it.

Nihilism3278d ago

I just want to add that the games I'm looking forward to the most next year are multiplats, and I couldn't care less:

Bioshock 2
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Fallout: New Vegas
Mass Effect 2
Crysis 2
Aliens Vs. Predator,

point is, the 2010 line up is amazing for all, can't wait for starcraft 2 though, it's been far too long...

DelbertGrady3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

lol @ PS3 fanboys and their exclusives complex.

Who cares? It's two great games that I get to play on my 360. And if you have a PC that can handle Crackdown 2, good for you. Not sure when the PC version is supposed to be released though? I couldn't even find any info that there is one planned.

@dchalfont - I had the same "problem" this year. Games like RF: Guerrilla, Batman, Borderlands, Dirt 2, Bayonetta, Dragon Age etc have easily been among the best releases imo. And don't forget about Red Dead Redemption next year :)

silvacrest3278d ago

any 360 game can be pirated so does what you say apply there as well?

multipayer3278d ago

The only reason they print exclusive on the case is to let you know it can't be found on a competitors system. Why else would they bother? These PC/360 games often are only playable under the "LIVE" platform, which makes your arguments even more absurd.

anh_duong3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

can you guys just stop bickering for one second.. it is christmas you know - season of goodwill and all that..

for one fricking moment in your life can you guys just all stop bickering regardless of whether you are right or wrong.. zip it.. lol

blackmagic3278d ago

I can understand both ways of how people see the PC and the 360 as being seperate platforms or the same platform. Windows and Xbox 360 have different profit structures so they seem to be seperate 'platforms' but as far as games go they are essentially the same platform. Games on 360 run in Directx just like they do in Windows and this is unique to Microsoft. If it makes you feel better to call them seperate platforms then fine and if it makes you feel better to say they are the same platform then fine but remember, whichever you choose, Microsoft is still getting money from you. You can't play Windows Games without buying Windows and that is the profit model that has made Microsoft a Multi-trillion dollar company. In Contrast, the xbox division which makes money directly from each game sale has overall lost money for Microsoft to date even though the 360 is now profitable. (it could be argued that the xbox has been valuable to Microsoft in ways that are less direct than straight profit such as the 'cool image' it gives the company and the fact that without the xbox division Microsoft would still be locked out of the livingroom where it has been trying to bring the PC for decades)

vhero3278d ago

So the only exclusive is crackdown then? Alan Wake looks okay I guess I mean Alone in the Dark 4 looked just as good and we all know where that is now (hint : Check your stores bargain bins)

7thNightvolley3278d ago

do u really think sony is the only company MS is fighting against.?? dont u knw there is linux and apple?? and if microsoft make sure games are on its software platform and hardware (consoles) they keep and monopolize the market in their favour ... so if they call it an exclusive it sort of is.. playstation is not the only thing that microsoft is concerned about remember they are formost a software company... they want windows 7 to sell they want ppl to game on it and so too on the 360 .. so if u see it on MS stuf and they call it exclusive it is arguable is..

Nihilism3278d ago

The point people are making is not that it isn't only usable on windows OS, it's that people are refering to pc as a 'microsoft platform' which it is not. The 360 camp is also claiming that the sales of games on windows somehow go in microsofts favour, which they do not, as has ben listed many times, MS gets no cut of any pc game, even 'games for windows' games (the certification is free, a developer only needs to have their game pass compatibility tests), people also do not buy OS's based solely on game compatibility, I am a PC only gamer this gen and I have always bought MS even when I didn't game on PC.

So yes the games are only usable on windows, but that doesn't mean more copies of windows will be sold, or that microsoft will profit from the games.

Guido3278d ago

I know it seems odd but look at it this way. It's a blessing to know you can play most of the Xbox 360 "exclusives" on the PC since the PC is a reliable platform and you won't have to worry about having to send it away for a couple weeks while trying to complete any one of these games. So you see, there is a cure for the RROD, it's called a PC.

3278d ago
Nihilism3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

alright fool, my last bubble goes to you.

"Developers are constantly paying Microsoft for help implementing Direct X correctly into there games"


Microsoft has absoluetely nothing to do with games development, they don't even have their own PC games developers, you do realise that Nvidia and Ati get together and decide on what features the next DX version will feature, just so there is a standard for games development, so essentially Nvidia and Ati design the DX api and microsoft merely implement it, which is why devs go to ati or nvidia with help with games development.

"Having games like Mass Effect 2 on both the Windows Platform and the 360 is a double bonus for Microsoft"

No it isn't, microsoft didn't publish ME2 on any platform, besides that fact the 'games for windows' certification which 99% of PC games don't even bother with, is free to publishers.

"The PC Market doesn't eat into the console market much at all"

You're right, it's a market in itself, and the most profitable of all gaming platforms, you do realise that none of the sales chart figures factor in digital distribution methods like 'Steam' or 'Impulse' or 'Direct to Drive' or any of the many others.

12.7 billion in software sales alone, not bad for a supposed 'small market'.

Now little MS drone, go back to the hive with the other worker bee's, they have some more errands for you to run, and more pamphlets to hand out.

"Post a comment be a real man I would love to destroy your logic just that little bit more"

haha, your ignorance astounds me, you have no idea about the pc market, or how little microsoft...did I say little ..., I meant microsoft has absolutely nothing to do with pc gaming, they don't develop, publish, advertise, or anything related to pc gaming, nor do they get a cent from any pc game sold, and like I said, the hardware makers design the features of direct X, which is FREE to everyone


Wanna know why PC games are cheaper?, because they are royalty free, aka microsoft owns no stake in any stage of game development or implementation.

"Am willing to bet most PS3 games are made on Windows"

Again, they don't pay MS royalties, do you honestly think games developers have computers with no OS then run out and buy one for each game developed, the sales of windows are not tied to game sales or development in any way, you think you've made points, but you've made none, everything you have said is wrong, like I said ati and nvidia decide on the features of DX and microsoft implements it aka makes it based on the decisions of the hardware makers, and still, MS gets no money from either company

"The PC gaming platform is hugely profitable but not in the same way console make profit. Most of the profit comes from flash and facebook type games with advertisements."

ahaha yet another fail

the 12.7 billion figure is from retail sales and digital distribution aka not web based games and not from advertisements, if I were to quote all pc gaming related profits including ad revenue and hardware, the figure would be too large for someone so stupid as you to fathom, I like how your trying to twist evidence into something it isn't, a sure sign of insecurity

Menech3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )


"alright fool, my last bubble goes to you."

Honest it's an honour to destroy you today.

"Microsoft has absoluetely nothing to do with games development."

Yeah Mircosoft having absolutely nothing to do with games development, LOL any idea how retarded you sound? Am willing to bet most PS3 games are made on Windows which is bade by who? come on my pathetic little mong you can get there Microsoft! good boy!

More games are developed on Direct X then any other platform, Mind you Java is quite big but that has nothing to do with this. and no Direct X is not owned or developed by Nvid or ATI, Its developed by Microsoft google it I could give you about 1000 articles telling you that.

"No it isn't, microsoft didn't publish ME2 on any platform, besides that fact the 'games for windows' certification which 99% of PC games don't even bother with, is free to publishers."

Did I ever say anything about Microsoft publishing Mass Effect 2 having problems reading buddy, Am not surprised truth be told. And yeah games that bring more people to the PC gaming platform is a bad thing for Microsoft you run with that. And stop being so random with the games for windows thing I didn't even bring that up.

"You're right, it's a market in itself, and the most profitable of all gaming platforms, you do realise that none of the sales chart figures factor in digital distribution methods like 'Steam' or 'Impulse' or 'Direct to Drive' or any of the many others."

The PC gaming platform is hugely profitable but not in the same way console make profit. Most of the profit comes from flash and facebook type games with advertisements. That ain't to attractive to developers like Naughty dog moron.

"12.7 billion in software sales alone, not bad for a supposed 'small market'."

Agreed that's great

"Now little MS drone, go back to the hive with the other worker bee's, they have some more errands for you to run, and more pamphlets to hand out."

Honest I don't even know what to say to that statement. I you couldn't even give an answer for half the stuff I said you just picked a few objects to try poke wholes. Honest if your the best the Pathetic SDF have on this site your in trouble.

Better get de-bubbling me quick before I make you all realise how pathetic you are and you start cutting yourself.

But to be honest after saying Microsoft has nothing to do with games development. I feel a little bad its clear your not all there upstairs. And again try reading where did I say PS3 developers are paying Microsoft royalties am simple pointing out how much of a retard you are saying that statement.

@your update, No hardware makers don't design the features in Direct X because Direct X is software you bloody idiot. Wouldn't it be more logical to leave software design to the king of software you know Microsoft?

And no your article doesn't say its off digital game sales alone, wona try reading it? it simple says that gave it a boost which is true steam is amazing.

But yeah you go there maybe you have me on one of my points possibly, I could point out all the places where you fail. Sadly there's far to many to list.

Yeah you better had because clearly your to stupid to say something for yourself.... Honest humanity am losing hope. And no am not sticking up for the xbox I don't even like that system but clearly you cannot read so I won't go into my reasons.

Guido3278d ago

If you have more to say to that Xbox fanturd, feel free to PM me the text and I will let you rent my bubbles for further rebuttal. Sounds like you know what you are talking about and I would hate to have your bubbles be a limiting factor when schooling another Xbox fangirl.

I want to help you, help them.

Bubble up.

callahan093278d ago

Yeah, I'm excited for Crackdown 2. That song in the trailer was awesome! I hope it comes in April. I've seen tons of kickass January, February, March, and May games announced, we just need something for April!

Aquanox3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

When Sony boys start bringing up the PC argument you know the 360 has an splendid lineup ;)

January: Mass Effect 2
February: Splinter Cell V, Lost Planet 2
March Alan Wake, Crackdown 2.

What a fantastic Q1.

Throw in Halo Reach, Fable 3, Mistwalker game (Blue Dragon 2?), Natal Lineup, E3 surprise for November and you know the 360 is up for a killer year.

Guido3278d ago

Typically I see some pretty lame straw man arguments here but this one is actually pretty solid... Of course, a solid straw man argument is not all that solid to begin with...

Let's be honest, the 360 line up may look good but the issue is that the PS3 games coming look even better. I know it's not kosher to compare but the reason the 360 line up gets so much heat these days is because when compared to the PS3 line up, the 360 games come up short. The PS3 also has one thing other than graphics and game play going for them and that is true exclusivity. You can't play Uncharted 2 anywhere else but when it comes to most of the 360 titles, you can still buy them for less on the PC and they will typically look better and the online play will be free.

3278d ago
insomnium3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Wasn't Blue Dragon a flop quality AND saleswise? Why are you mentioning that game?

Remember I'm using x360 fanboy logic here.

Your x360 fanboy BS makes me puke. I DON'T NEED AN X360 FOR X360'S BEST GAMES (atleast 97%-99% of them). What is the percentage for PS3?

I'm loosing all faith in human kind when I read your BS. There's NO WAY TO CHANGE THINGS BY LYING!

AssassinHD3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I love how people spin "Microsoft exclusives", even though Microsoft does not get any money from any PC game it does not publish. It should also be noted that those "Microsoft exclusives" can be played on a Sony Vaio.

Since we are playing the spin game I might as well contribute.

Since the PC is a gaming platform, and Sony manufacturer's PCs, then it is reasonable to conclude that those "Microsoft exclusives" are in fact "Sony inclusive". Since they are "Sony inclusive" then they are not really "exclusive" at all.


edhe3278d ago

Amazing, some fantastic games are confirmed for dates and this 'gamers' site starts splitting heirs on 'exclusivity'.

Which has always been about consoles, not PCs.

My func sUrface 1030 spits at you fools.

NB crackdown 2 still has about a quarter to go before it's gone gold, which considering the game and engine are probably functionally complete gives a fecking crudload of polish time.

Guido3278d ago

I don't know what's worse, the guys that are the would be fanboys or the folks that let fanboys bother them so bad they would write about murdering fanboys on the interwebz.

madmonkey03278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

@Jason 360

I can play them on linux or mac

@Aquanox -

i think lostplanet 2 is on ps3 aswell

Aquanox3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

As for the PC argument, apart from being silly it's also untrue.

The only games coming to PC are ME2 and SC5. For the first game, most people has their achievements and savegames (which will interact with ME2) on Xbox 360, so chances are that the massive majority will get it for Xbox 360.

So that leaves us with 1 game actually supporting that "I'm trying too hard" argument. Splinter Cell has always been released on Xbox 360 and PC and it has always been a big success on Microsoft's consoles. I expected this to be no different.

Halo Reach, Crackdown 2 and Fable 3 will be released only on Xbox 360. If you guys didn't know the PC version of Alan Wake was "postponed indefinitely" (The closest to cancelled) so the team could focus on the Xbox 360 version. Another big title, only on Xbox 360.

The full Natal lineup will be, of course, Xbox 360 exclusive - with more than 10 titles confirmed so far - and so should be the November hardcore release. For the timing one would think it could be Gears of War 3, but Halo + Gears in a single year sound a bit too good to me.

As for Blue Dragon 2, I have high hopes for the second part. The first was plagged with technical issues but the game itself was really good. It was a talented team with a troubled first part, but it doesn't mean the second part will heritage those mistakes. Think Killzone 2.

Last but not least, if I'm not mistaken, Lost Planet 2 will be a timed exclusive, which also counts in my book.

So there you go, 2010 will be the best Xbox 360 year so far and the big majority of games will be Xbox 360, fully exclusive. I'm not saying Sony won't have their own goods, because they will, but if 2009 was kind of weak for the 360, 2010 is obviously gearing up for a huge come back.

madmonkey03278d ago

dont want to start an arguement, but lost planet 2 is not a timed exclusive, it is out on ps3 and xbox 360 2/2/2010

the demo is already on psn store, i guess it is on xbl too

Guido3278d ago

It's comments like this that make your oversized posts worthless. You may seem to have some sound points but then you chit on them with dribble like this. The term "timed exclusive" is a pathetic marketing term and nothing more than a talking point for idiot fanbabies when defending their games. In reality, there is no such thing as a timed exclusive, you are either exclusive or you are not. Plain and simple.

AssassinHD3278d ago

"Last but not least, if I'm not mistaken, Lost Planet 2 will be a timed exclusive, which also counts in my book."


Now you are just talking out of your arse. Lost Planet 2 is releasing at the same time on both platforms. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously if you do not even bother to educate yourself on the subject matter?

Solidus187-SCMilk3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

It still isnt on the PS3. Thats why we constantly hear PS3 fanboys crying about pc games and yet the PC articles are completely empty.

Fact is that microsoft has alot of reasons to support PC games too. A game may be on PC and 360 but PC isnt a console. therefore these games are console exclusive. Sure people may be able to play on PC, but for alot of people PS3 and 360 run games better than their PC. Alot of people dont associate games with PC nearly as much as consoles.

PC games and console games are a different market, unlike 360 and PS3. When was the last time you saw a pc games sales chart? Or how many pcs were sold world wide? Every week we get console sales and console games sales and PC is nowhere to be found. Could it be because PC is completely separate from the console market?

Every console sold is to play games, PCs are not usually sold to play games. Most of the people who own pcs dont play games, but everyone who owns a console does.

Having more games on 360/pc helps microsoft, but having a 360 game also on ps3 hurts them. If you cant see the difference then your kinda blind.

also, I have a ps3, 360 and a decent PC. I have the choice to buy the games on PC or 360 but not on PS3. Do you get it yet?

Edit-- I wonder with all the PC people on this site why are they only ever in the 360 articles. Where are all the pc version submissions? Wheres all the hate for PC games coming to 360?

yeah I get it guy below-- I know that some PC games are on 360. And by owning windows to play those games your doing exactly what microsoft wants. You dont need a 360 to play those games, but you cant play them on PS3 or a mac OS. There are alot of games that are on 360 that cant be played on PC. The two most popular games on 360 gears 2/ halo games arnt on PC. Same with fable, crackdown and AW(for now).

The point im making is that it helps microsoft/xbox far more having a game on pc/360 vs having the game on PS3/360.

Most people want to use the PC argument so they can leave out some great games that are on 360 when comparing them to ps3 games. But to remain objective you need to compare the games on each platform to each other. In other words PS3 vs 360, 360 vs wii, ps3 vs PC. Its not ps3 + PC vs 360 or 360 + wii vs PS3.

AssassinHD3278d ago

I do not own an Xbox 360. I do not ever intend to own an Xbox 360. It is not because I have some kind of loathing for the technology, or even for the company that develops it. I merely have no need to own it. My favorite franchises reside within the PlayStation family.

True or False?

Without owning an Xbox 360, I can still play Splinter Cell: Conviction, and Mass Effect 2.

If you need a hint to the question, let me know.

Aquanox3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Indeed you can, but you can't play them on the Playstation 3 or a Wii.

This is about titles coming on the Xbox 360 that aren't coming on any other console. It's just overreacting fanboys who feel the need to mention a PC version in order to try to downplay the 360's lineup. It didn't matter back in 2007 when Bioshock was also on PC and won't matter this time either. On Top of that, that's only 2 titles out of 6 confirmed (Without mentioning any Natal title or unconfirmed hardcore release - which MS always save for E3 or similar conferences)

You guys are trying way too hard this time. The 360 lineup is the strongest Microsoft ever had and probably the strongest any other publisher did. Depending on how well these exclusives and Natal do, this could be the consolidation of the Xbox 360 brand in the industry and it seems that this is hitting many Sony boys nerves already.

Just get over the fact that all consoles can have great lineups already and you will save us a lot of internet ranting =)

wallace10003278d ago

Are you guys really arguing over "true exclusives", really? Are you really that sad that you want to argue that your console has more exclusives than someone elses console? I remember when people posted on this site about games they enjoyed playing and actually had constructive comments. Now any form of good gaming news for one console gets swamped by idiotic fanboys supporting another console. If you really do enjoy gaming then remove your head from your rear and go play some games instead of acting like an idiot and ruining N4G.

likedamaster3278d ago

Good games coming for the Xbox 360. Please stay out of our threads PC/PS3 fanboys.

All of these games I will be getting on 360. Anything I deem necessary to ALSO get for PC, I will get on PC too. Game on.

FYI: Mass Effect was made to play with a controller from the gate, that they add pc controls to that version is a bonus. And Splinter Cell games play better with analogs(imo), nuff said.