50 Greatest Games of the Decade, Part III

Part III, which covers #30 through 21, looks at some of the new IPs that were introduced in the 2000s, that became major franchises, including two that dominated the music genre. Others were the best original games for the PlayStation 3 in the late part of the decade, as the console, introduced in 2006, finally started to come into its own.

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villevalorox3135d ago

I would have to disagree with some of these, I mean gears ranking higher than U2? idts

JonahFalcon3135d ago

Uncharted 2 is a pretty good sequel to Gears of War.

MICROTRON3134d ago

halo is #1
halo 2 is #2
halo 3 is #3

bungie is best developer of the century


unrealgamer583135d ago

uncharted is 2 next generation sequels to gears of war.

fixed youre comment

MajestieBeast3134d ago

uncharted 2 makes gears of war look like a joke in every area.

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