2 Futuremark Employees Leave, Possibly Due to Poor Sales

What an awesome Christmas season this is turning out to be. Two Futuremark employees, Petri Jarvinen (Level Designer) and Nick Renqvist (Audio Designer) have posted on the official Futuremark forums that they are no longer working for the company. As you might know, Futuremark recently released Shattered Horizon, a multiplayer-only FPS-Z for just $20 on the PC(digital download only). While it's unclear why they're no longer with the company, one did mention that the game didn't sell too well and "that has it's effects."

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Pandamobile3283d ago


I bought Shattered Horizon

Charmers3283d ago

I am afraid the masses didn't and I can understand why to be honest. Lack of content and depth + horrendous requirements then just to chuck absolutely no promotion into the mix, that really doesn't scream "mega sales". They might have gained a few more customers if they did a free weekend like steam does with TF 2.

When I first heard about SH I was so hyped for it and I was over the moon when I got into the beta for it. I was disappointed in so many ways by Shattered Horizons, I don't take pleasure in people losing their jobs though.

However these are tough times for everyone and if a company wants me to buy their product then it isn't enough to just release a glorified benchmark with MP tacked on with little content or variety.

Arnon3283d ago


Shattered Horizon is a step forward in the FPS franchise. Such an amazing feat that was created in this game.

evrfighter3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

i also bought shattered horizon.

It's a fun game. But had the potential to be a lot better. I personally didn't care for one choice of weapon and no iron sight.

If you've got a solid dx10 gaming pc and wanna try it out shoot me a PM. I have an extra guest pass

STK0263283d ago

I was interested in the game, but seeing the minimum requirements pretty much convinced me not to buy it, as I mostly play on my laptop due to the fact that I spend most of my time away from home.

STONEY43283d ago

I bought it too, and it was pretty good. I think the thing the turned most people off though was making DX10 a mandatory reuirement.

TheIneffableBob3283d ago

Yeah, the DirectX 10 requirement probably isn't the best idea for an indie game if you want sales. Having DX10 as a requirement would help drive technology adoption if it were a big, hyped game, but for an indie game, it will likely hurt more than help.

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mortalrage3283d ago

worth getting? Was thinking about checking it out.

inSaneELF3283d ago

I've got a guest pass if you want...

inSaneELF3283d ago

Shattered Horizon is a solid game. This is unfortunate news.

jamezrp3283d ago

That sucks. Shattered Horizon was way better than most made it out to be, but really, everyone who bought it said one thing: where's the single player.

Now they're probably working on it, but it'll be awhile until we see anything. I can't wait to see a campaign for it.

EvanVolm3283d ago

They did mention in an interview that they're interested in doing a SP campaign.

Charmers3283d ago

A single player campaign would certainly get my interest up in this game again. As long as it wasn't a sorry pathetic 5 hour crapfest like MW2. I think a lot of companies concentrate way too much on MP these days and it is getting a little tiresome.

I miss the old days when the emphasis was on the single player campaign and Multiplayer was added as an extra bonus. This is probably partly why I don't buy many games anymore. In my experience the MP is giving too high a priority over SP. Now that is great if you are big MP fan but there are a lot of people that aren't they want an excellent single player experience with the ability to dip into multiplayer if the fancy takes them.

tdrules3283d ago

a high spec game selling poorly, not even slightly surprising.

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