[PCGH] 20 Jaw-dropping images from Dragon Age: Origins

PCGH collected some Dragon Age: Origins screenshots that they describe as "jaw-breaking". They feature some work of users from Dragon Age Nexus (some of them tweaked by mods). According to PCGH these shots look even better than the PR pics.

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Cartesian3D3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

I played PC version on the highest setting(HD4850) not in highest resolution (on 720p with AA actually) and I can say Character design is decent , environment is FLAT,character animation is good..

btw I played this game for more than (estimate!)40 hours (Level 23 mage, and a lvl 14 warrior) and never saw a HOURSE in this game ! :P there is dogs all over the place, I saw a Cow,rabbit,dragon... etc but no horse !

:P jk. this game is AMAZING , dialogs are unbelievably well designed.

good job Bioware
9.5 (imo , not 10 just cuz of last-gen graphics)

EDIT: oh my god!!! I saw Morrigan's Nipples! lol what a Sick mod! btw her face is changed as well, I like the orginal face more.

champ213284d ago

agreed this game is simply amazing.

played the pc version, the game requires so much strategy and planning which is why i love the pc version.

definetly my GOTY.

JonnyBigBoss3284d ago

The game looks outstanding on medium/high settings for me.

Baka-akaB3284d ago

The "hd retextures" (emphase on the "" since bioware only got access to the real hd textures , but havent released them yet) have been a godsend .

Some of the animation is still a bit iffy , but now indeed the game looks gorgeous on pc .

3284d ago