Sony Finally Kills Mario Welcome To Modnation Racers HipHopGamerShow 12/20/09

1. Spec Ops: The Line Outshines Halo: Reach
2. ModNation: Guest Stars On The HipHopGamerShow
3. Xbox360 Slim To Be Announced Next Year
4. ModNation Racers: Offical Game Demonstration

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YungXclusive2K93285d ago

After all this time HHG still has haters, you guys are delusional. This man has been to massive amounts of gaming events, invitations to events by EA, Sony, and more. HHG is legit and I will continue to support him.

One thing I love the most about HHG is that he isn't afraid to show his personality. A problem with you gamers is you fear the type of person you are, being a gamer we take the lowest status in society; me personally I don't give a hell what people think I'm still a gamer at the end of the day...

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Kevin ButIer3285d ago

"you guys are delusional"

Sony Finally Kills Mario... Now thats delusional, even if modnation is a great game, if HHG is as good as you said he shouldnt use that titles

Lifendz3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

I think HHG means Sony finally kills Mario Kart. Why the finally is there, I dunno. Maybe I'm alone here but I wasn't exactly looking for Sony or MS to kill Mario [Kart]. But it's kinda crazy to say a new IP is going to kill one that's been around for more than a decade. Statements like that are what lead to the whole "Halo Killer" controversy with Killzone 1. Just let a good game stand on its own. No need to say it trumps this or kills that.

Saaking3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Modnation Racers= Mario Kart + LBP

The results? Full of awesomeness.

-Alpha3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

With bias and fail titles like "Sony finally kills Mario" its no wonder that HHG is a joke.

HHG is legit? LOL! Just because you are popular does NOT make you "legit". Fox News is popular. Oh gee, they must be legitz!

There is a fine line between being respected and being popular and unfortunately, HHG will never be able to blend both of these together. ModNations is looking great but its hype like this that kills it. If LBP couldn't kill Mario then I'm damn sure ModNations can't. They may be better games, though that is subjective, but it's ridiculous to think a new IP with little attention (in comparison to games like MAG for example) can "kill" a multi-decade long franchise like Mario. And it's exactly this kind of ignorance that makes HHG the butt of jokes, the "rick roll" of Gaming

buckethead_9113285d ago

Sony Finally Kills Mario? Modnation Racers is a platformer?

TheDeadMetalhead3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

inb4 "Modnation Racers vs. Sega All-Stars Racing" article. Calling it right now.

Bungie3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

OMG Mario is dead


damn you $ony

EDIT : "Spec Ops: The Line Outshines Halo: Reach"

LMFAO almost falls off da chair

Dandiego3285d ago

Hey I've been to a bunch of events and seen games in development and if you go there with a mind frame that one system is better you end up just looking at that company. ex: go to E3 thinking Ps3 is better and chances are you won't even check out Xbox360 or barely. This is biased 100% nobody is killing Mario any time soon... stop your Sony Fanboyism its anoying. No journalist either IGN, Gamespot, Gametrailers etc has titles like his because its clearly a statement you prefer PS3. Remember All I want for Christmas is a PSP campain paid by Sony... I strongly beleive Hiphop Gamer is the new one on the payroll. Just think about it Sony paying to get a rappy, urban, coolioolio guy campaining their PS3 system on the DL... sounds possibly like the new all I want for Christmas is a PS3?

ape0073285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

go ask sony yourself,they'll tell you"WTF are you talking about"

mario is a legend,mario is the reason why mr kojima became a vg designer

mario has changed the world

super mario galaxy is one of the best games of all time and arguably the best game of this generation

hhg we all know you are a sony fanboy(and I respect sony fan cause sony is indeed awesome) but I didn't expect you to say"sony killed mario"

I remember in one show you interviewed dan hsu(EGM MAG LEGEND)and just remember how much he praised mario

come on man mario cannot be killed,you guys know that I hate the wii but mario is awesome

what is this??

Xbox Avatars Shoe3285d ago

And as awesome as ModNation Racers is, it doesn't even come close to "killing" Mario or Mario Kart.

HipHopLamer one again lives up to it's reputation...

BTW I'm in the MDR beta and I can honestly say it's outstanding! I can't wait for all the community levels!

ico923285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

lol you've gotta love HHGS and their flamebait articles...........

but the guy had some good points i honestly do think modnation racers will be a sleeper hit, if only sony could bundle it with ps3's and put behind good marketing campaign for the game it would be great success not just for the game but for the ps3 but i dont think it will "kill" mario kart on a commercial level let alone mario but it will still be a great game either way

Bnet3433285d ago

One of the stupidest headlines I have ever read. Just stop man.

Blaze9293285d ago

Killed Mario Kart? Spec Ops: The Line Outshines Halo: Reach? HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

gaffyh3285d ago

Modnation is a really great game, but not a Mario killer, I don't like how there is always a need to label something a "insert X game here-killer."

MS want to make something that rivals God of War, too late, too many hack n slash titles coming out, you were late to the party. Also, nothing rivals God of War, Kratos > All protagonists ever.

Xbox 360 Slim - Possible, would like to see how they reduce the heat output etc. because from what I've seen, the insides of an Xbox 360 vs PS3, is like Retro vs Futuristic, seriously anyone that has opened up both of their console will immediately realise how much better Sony is at making hardware. That being said, it is possible for MS to reduce the size, there is already a lot of space in the current 360, but I'd guess that they take a leaf out of Sony's book and increase the size of the fan and combine with the heatsink.

Redempteur3285d ago

and again a stupid title

i'm in the beta ..and i'm a fan of mario kart . a real fan with hours in the mario kart on wii, ds, n64 ..

First mod nation racers is great ...the customisation is awesome
the amount of object ( even if it's limited for now ) is huge .
its' a great game.

But mario kart is fully alive ...

Mod nation racers is too fast .. it's made with pure drifting in mind ..but it's too fast IMO .. i'm enjoying like crazy but i'm sure the learning curve for the casuals players will be hard .

What they don't ( can't have yet ) is the amount of years nintendo had to polish mario kart ...
It's exceptionnal for a first try ( they can still tweak it for the launch date ) but mario kart is way less crazy during his races ...

a great game i'll buy it ... but mario kart is still strong .

Ps: even if mario kart is still ahead ...MNR had some cool ideas like the accumulation of bonuses to make them stronger ..and a full trick set during airtimes ...these are good ideas very good if i may add

PS2 : HHG is still a weak show with idiotic headlines ...

sikbeta3285d ago



DaTruth3285d ago

"What they don't ( can't have yet ) is the amount of years nintendo had to polish mario kart"

They didn't need the amount of years. Original MarioKart is one of my all time favourite games. I remember long nights in my friends basement playing versus; Getting the red turtle shell... "How does it feel to be hunted!!!"

The Happy Baby3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

My brother and his wife went to E3 last year, and claimed to be "journalist". His credentials, including a myspace blog and his youtube channel. Its not hard to get into these gaming events. Most of them are open to the public. I'd like to see HHG come to SXSW this spring, so I can talk to him. I think he's a joke, and I'd like to say it to his face(online trash talk is pointless). Next time you try to convince us that HHG is "all that"---try doing it without his DlCK in your mouth.

Sony kills Mario. Jesus christ.

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sabestar3285d ago

Gotta say I'm impressed with the guests you keep bringing to the show. You're becoming quite popular!!!

Saaking3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Yep, he sure is. You know, I'm may not like some of his stories and especially the headlines, but it's still good to see him succeeding. You can tell he does genuinely love gaming and the industry and for that I applaud him.


So you don't like him becuase he MAY be a Sony fan? I'll be first to admit that he's headline are very over exaggerated and flamebait, but sometimes he puts up a good show.

-Alpha3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

He genuinely loves Sony. Many people "genuinely" love gaming, but unfortunately it's clear HHG isn't one of them.

Edit: if you are responding to me Saaking, what do you mean he "may" be a Sony fan?

TruEve3285d ago

You don't think that HHG has a genuine love for gaming? I have to disagree man. I know the dude and I can tell you he does. Though his titles may be over-exaggerated and flame-bait lol, he does make some nice points and have nice content and info. I don't agree with a lot of what he says, but he's the underground aspect I think game journalism could use. Though his journalism skills could and should improve.

As for "Sony Finally Kills Mario", that's a dumb title! I haven't watched the video yet, but it seems he may be referring to Mario "Kart". Still, even then I'd disagree because MK is legendary. I will say that ModNation is, IMO, shaping up to be better than the Wii version of Mario Kart.

Seferoth753285d ago

No because "Gaming" includes more than just Sony. No "gamer" owns just one console. Anyone really into gaming would be into all 3 companies and wouldnt need such stupid headlines to get hits.

Look it's really simple. The guy isnt an idiot and he knows what brain washed masses PS3 fans are. Doesnt matter what he says or does, as long as he kisses Sony a$$ in the process lots of blind idiots will line up to see his show..

TruEve3285d ago

He owns all consoles. And still, it doesn't matter what consoles you own that determines if you're a "gamer" or not. Any gamer may have his/ her preferences. We all know for a fact that HHG loves Sony, but it's evident that he respects MS and the 360 and uses their system/ services. Given that you follow him, which you probably don't, nothing wrong with that.


You know, I'm good friends with Alpha-Male22 above me... he only owns a PS3 (from the last we spoke last month). He's one of the most unbiased and level-headed gamers I know! Great guy and great gamer :).


Lastly, who invented the definition of "gamer"? Is there a manual written by some righteous game zealot? Please refer me :).

whothedog3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )


You don't have a gaming bible? :)

On topic, nice show and interviews with MNR guy and last week with the guy from Home, your titles do suck sometimes haha, Mario will never die! NEVER! The guy that does his voice is getting kind of old though haha.

I also agree on the Spec Ops and Halo, at least on the trailers, Spec Ops was a huge surprise for me and the trailer was exciting and interesting, the Halo trailer might of been cool for big fans of the series but was boring to me(no action).

-Alpha3285d ago

I don't know him personally and since I know that you are level headed, I will take your word for it. All I have seen from him is shooting Sony to the moon, and it's not necessarily that he has those opinions, it's that he leads a legion of avid fanboys that are relentless and militant. This comes from the fact that, again, all he seems notorious for is Sony. That is why I think he loves just Sony-- because that's all I've seen from him. But you've inspired me to do some more research on his stance on gaming in general ;)

Sorry for coming off a little too harsh. By the way, when is your PS3 coming back?

TruEve3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Yeah, I completely understand the criticism of HHG and agree with a lot of it. He is a huge Sony fan though lol. One thing that I definitely agree with you is that he may never gain the respect of the entire gaming community if he keeps posting lame rumors and flame-bait titles. He has a lot to learn as a journalist, but he sure has the perfect stage for it all.

Your harshness (since you called it that) was weak compared to most of the hate he gets. And I don't consider your comments hateful at all!


Man, I'm not sure when I'll be able to get it fixed! Don't delete me bro! I had to take my puppy to the vet recently to get a bunch of shots, plus Christmas presents. I could have been selfish and gotten myself a present lol. Sony just upped the repair price on launch models as well (remember I have two broken Treys now). So, hopefully soon.

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shadowwizard3285d ago

"God, I'm just playin' I'm sorry..." - damn, that's just lame...

LittleBigSackBoy3285d ago

Nothing can kill Mario, even if the other game is better people will still buy Mario more.

TheDeadMetalhead3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Reminds me of two CERTAIN OTHER games that were released recently...


eagle213285d ago

I doubt Modnation is better than Mario Kart. And soon as Mario Kart gets a level editor, it's another 20 million sold. :)

saint_john_paul_ii3285d ago

oh god, its the n4g rick roll again....