Beefjack - Are Videogames Art?

Beefjack briefly explores the debate over whether Videogames are in fact art.

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wogsy3284d ago

Here we go again.. How many times can people go round in circles with this "are videogames art" nonsense..

No videogames are not art..
I done art class in school and we never once done anything involving videogames..

Art is something you can hang on your wall. Like the Mona Lisa or a Picasso..
Games are just bloody that, games!!!!!!!

Man what a load of pretensious nonsense!

pwarnock3284d ago

I think video games can produce art, but are not in themselves art.

Cyrus3653284d ago

Art can be anything though, doesn't have to be just something you can hang on a wall. Movies can qualify as art, doesn't mean that a micheal bay movie is art, just some of them are.

So gaming can be justified as art...I think a game like Flower is real artful experience in my mind.

MagicAccent3284d ago

I say no.

A piece of art is just something that someone wants you think is art, when in fact your opinion might differ.

I say art is whatever you think it is, and it's not a topic well suited for psuedo-intellectual discissions such as these.. (Since it's a complete waste of everybodys time, that is)

Fierce Musashi3284d ago

Certainly not. Unless you are the developer.

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