Exclusive IP's Going Multi-platform: The Gift and The Curse

Gary A Swaby of writes: This article represents a very touchy subject in gaming, and it may seem like a flamebait based article. However this topic is something that I would like to speak on and make everyone else aware of, even if it's just to see some other opinions on the issue. For those who do not know, IP stands for Intellectual Properties, these are what we refer to as video game franchises in our jargon.

The purpose of this article is to show how all those IP's that are exclusive to a specific console, end up loosing a lot of the quality that they are known for once they end up going multi-platform. This presents a gift and a curse. The gift is that more people will be able to enjoy the IP, no matter which console it is they own. The curse is that the IP looses some form of quality that it once had as an exclusive, and I will tell you why I think this happens.

When a game is exclusive, developers can focus all their energy into utilizing that platform to its limits. Every console is different, and has different strengths and weaknesses. Developers will mold their work around these specific strengths and weaknesses, creating the best piece of work they can for that platform. once they have the basic foundation down for their game, it makes it easier for them to make future sequels for that console, based on the foundation they have already created.

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Saaking3283d ago

It's really sad that some games are going multiplatform. I mean, look at KZ2 and UC2. I wish more games were as good as them, but alas going multiplat ruins those chances.

mrv3213283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

You say that BUT... GTA wasn't exclusive... FF started on Nintendo... Tomb Raider wasn't exclusive either.

The fact of the matter remains simple, the Playstation brand helped grow some games and now that the Xbox actually has a userbase some developers have decided to also make games on the other platform.

Sorry I'm wrong... GTA didn't come out on Windows DOS, Tomb Raider didn't come out on sega saturn and Final Fantasy didn't come out on Game Boy Advance. Oh wait.

I'm just saying that saying that those are exclusive is wrong. He uses GTA as an example.

While I do agree multiplatform games to hinder the final quality the rampant fanboyism causes far more harm.

JD_Shadow3283d ago

That point was never made. He's talking about how games lose quality when being multiplat because they have the other system to think about. YOU'RE talking about how people complain about MS getting a LOT of PS3 third party exclusives to go multiplat.

Those are two completely different points. Hell, did you even READ his comment?

Lifendz3283d ago

Games cost what movies cost to make. Publishers want to maximize profits. If the PS3 or 360 had a substantially larger user base than the other, then more games would be exclusive. But the two are too close for most pubs to pass up the other system. Even if it means not doing something in your game because either console is limiting you.

But hey, PS3's in-house devs are not only diverse in what they produce but they are actually working to exploit the power of the system. So while I've been unimpressed with a few 3rd party games this gen, I have to say what Sony's own devs have done have really impressed me.

ramon_v3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

in an ideal world, sure, games would be optimized for each specific console and no compromises would ever be made. but the reality of the situation is hardly something to be upset about.

this article is a big fail for only whining about the "curse" of multi plat while hardly mentioning the "gift" part. the fact that many many gamers get the pleasure of experiencing some great games deserves more than the half sentence it was given.

further, without going multi plat, many devs would just not survive. the big games we awe at and all call 'epic' are not easy nor cheap to make, that kind of development cost needs the widest consumer base possible to make significant profits... without which, companies falter, their employees are let go, and suddenly we as gamers have less to play.

it's the same for smaller devs and niche games, if you are making a game in really niche genre, like Braid or Castle Crashers for example, then you obviously wouldn't want to cut out an already limited base by factoring out a whole other group on a different platform.

hopefuly, one day in the future there will be a uniform console standard where all devs are given a break and a real opportunity to shine. for now: the fact of the matter is that going multi platform is good for the industry, which in turn, is good for you and me.

SilentNegotiator3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

...I'd rather see more exclusives on both platforms and less multiplatform games, so we can see hardware taken advantage of.

On a side note, Microsoft needs to put more pressure on their second-party to take advantage of the hardware. I mean, look at Halo ODST; sub-HD, no AA....that shouldn't be happening. I mean, the console is more than 4 years old, and Bungie has had experience on the console before.

RockmanII73283d ago

@ 1.4
Crash and Spyro became bad because the guys who made the games lost the rights to the franchise, not because they went multi. (If Naughty Dog released a Multi-platform Crash game, it would be awesome.)

ODST and actually most of MS's first party games are held back because of time restrictions(ODST was made in a year). MS games have to have shorter development times because they have far less 1st party studios than Sony(A great example of this is look at Turn 10 and Polyphony digital. There have already been 2 Forza games this gen. while not even 1 full GT game has been released).

Saaking3282d ago

Uncharted 2 was made in 18 months. That voids any time "constraints" arguments.

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reintype3283d ago

Had Tekken 6 remained exclusive, we would have seen it sooner, instead of this year when it got lost in the shuffle amidst all the good fighting games as well as big name games released during the holiday season.

For a team that's been making games exclusive to 1 platform, the added pressure of making it multi-plat prove its undoing. Instead of 1 great game, we have 2 lesser versions of what-could-have-been.

I probably played Tekken more than any other game, not just at home but at the arcades, more than FF6-FF12 + FF tactics combined, and that's saying alot, because I'm a power-leveler. After playing a friend's copy, I simply cannot bring myself to buy Tekken 6, I was so disappointed, it feels like Tekken 5.5 and in my opinion the worst Tekken after Tekken 4. Maybe next time Namco, maybe next time.

ramon_v3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

not sure it was multi plat that caused this, but rather a lack of innovation on Namco's part.

Tekken is truly beloved in my book, Tekken 2 is in the top 5 games ever for me, but i am sad to say that the series just has not evolved as others have, making the games seem a bit tired/dated.

They should learn from SFIV a bit and take some chances with Tekken 7 to get back on top... that and i hope they bring back Jun

FiftyFourPointTwo3283d ago

The gift: More people will get to play the game

The curse: Fanboy wars

Kamikaze1353283d ago

It means more people get to enjoy more video games. People who complain otherwise are just arrogant and greedy fanboys who are a disgrace to gaming.

CrazzyMan3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

PS2 1 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 18.12m
PS2 2 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 14.20m
PS2 3 Grand Theft Auto III 11.60m
x360 4 Grand Theft Auto IV 7.42m
PS3 5 Grand Theft Auto IV 6.06m

As you can see, both GTA4 sold pretty much same(and still selling) as PS2 GTA versions.

All i know, that PS3 will be always a MUST HAVE console, because of games like GT5, MGS4, VC, LBP, KZ2, HS, DS, GoW3, R&C, U1, U2, FFXIIIv, HR, TLG.
As a GAMER, you CAN`T ignore these AMAZING PS3 GAMES(exclusives).

You will buy PS3 soon or later for 199$/249$/299$. So what was the point of x360 version?
What high quality exclusives(games for which you would buy console to play them) x360 has now?
Gears 2, Fable 2, maybe Halo 3.

DVD is just NOT suited for NEXTGEN RPG(FFXIII, ME2), NEXTGEN Sandbox games(GTA4) and looks like NEXTGEN FPS too(RAGE).

Doc Sony3283d ago

Am I the only one thinking that with all the recent critiques FFXIII has been getting Square Enix shot its self in the foot with a railgun by selling out to MS.

360's main fanbase doesn't care for JRPG's, they should have stuck with Sony as its probably not worth it making a 360 version.

A Wii version would have been better, like XII: Revenant Wings, a scaled down version.

Especially now that VersusXIII looks to become the better game.

StarCSR3282d ago

Wow.. Can you point me to some previews for FFXIIIVersus? Since you know it's "the better game", I assume you have seen it in action or even played it... or am I wrong and are you just saying that just because it's an exclusive?

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