Final Fantasy is the Star Wars of videogames

Destructiod writes: In very much the same way as Star Wars, Final Fantasy has established a huge legacy as one of the most significant and important properties of its medium. Whether you agree upon the quality of either series or not, the cultural impact they have made cannot be debated. I'm not a huge fan of Star Wars myself, but I can recognize its importance, and its pervasive influence on countless films that have appeared in its wake.

Just as Star Wars influenced dozens, perhaps hundreds of films over the years, the influence of Final Fantasy can be seen everywhere. Final Fantasy popularized the RPG genre for thousands of gamers, especially in the West, where such games had rarely been seen. Very much like Star Wars, Final Fantasy introduced many new concepts, helping to shape the future of RPGs in the same way that Star Wars shaped the future of science fiction.

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greatjimbo783283d ago

This is heresy, sacrilege if you will. Nothing compares to the bible that is Star Wars.

NateNater3283d ago

I disagree. FF has become so popular that it very well may be just as popular as Star Wars. If FF isn't the Star Wars of video games then what is?

FragMnTagM3283d ago

I would play it. FF has too many connections to pedophilia and various other retarded sh!t, what a crap article.

If anything, Mass Effect would be the Star Wars of video games, IMO.

Saaking3283d ago

LMAO, pedophilia? How the heck is FF even related to pedophilia?