Valkyria Chronicles 2 Hitting North American PSPs June 30, 2010 writes: "If GameStop is to be believed, Valkyria Chronicles 2 will be one of the first big games of summer, coming June 30, 2010."

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NateNater3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Wait a second. Is VC2 also going to be on PS3? Please someone say yes! :P

@ LadyStarDust
Darn. Oh well. I'll get it for my PSP then. But I guess that means I finally have to get my PSP fixed or just buy a new one. Got the original PSP-1000, dropped it once, and the whole thing just got messed up and I haven't played it since then lol

LadyStardust3282d ago

Because the PS3 one sold so poorly, they were afraid to sink all the time and money into another next-gen sequel. Buy this one, and maybe the series will go back to the PS3 in the future!

I'm looking forward to it either way.

knifefight3282d ago

That's actually not true. The PS3 one sold really, really well actually; exceeded expectations.

A recent interview with the creators notes that the demographic is "too male" though, and they think they can hook more females into the series on PSP. I know, it sounds ridiculous because it is ridiculous, but that's what they said. (Interview was translated on Sankaku Complex.)

Also, this story is bogus. Gamestop often puts in placeholder release dates. Once in a while they end up being right (when you predict 1,000 things...some of them are gonna end up true, aren't they?) but usually it's just an estimate. Especially this far in advance. That's 7 months away.

LadyStardust3281d ago

The early sales for VC were not good in North America. It was only after the price was cut in half that the game began to pick up steam. And yes, GameStop does use placeholder dates, but they're usually on the first of a month. They also get info about release dates and sometimes unannounced releases before anyone else, so there's no reason to simply ignore them because it's cool to hate GameStop.

UltimateIdiot9113281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Actually, it did do well in the beginning before all those price drops if I remember correctly about Sega's announcement. I was one of the day 1 purchaser and all copies were sold out within NYC and Buffalo area.

GodsHand3281d ago

I got it for the PS3, never did finish it, left off at the fight with forgot her name but the girl with the shield and lance. I was hoping they bring trophy support for it then I would finish it. But all they did was add some extra mission for money, and added back the S rank you could get on mission for more money, when it was in the original version of the game already. So IMO they deserve the rep they get for charging for something that was alrady in the final version (Japan).

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Jerk1203281d ago

Great, another round of Valkyrie Crapicles.

lh_swe3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Because if you haven't and all you base your judgement on it's reviews then it's quite the contrary and if you have played it and didn't like it maybe it ain't your genre and/or you have a lousy taste in games.

Either way that is not why you commented, you did it to antagonise. You said this in another post; "As long as we have people like PS3 fans in existence, we will always have fanboyism." Please take a good look at that comment on an IP many have come to love and re-evaluate the purpose of that comment because I am sick of your BS that I think you whole-heartedly believe.

Foliage3281d ago

Sleipnir, you are quite frankly an idiot. Valkyria Chronicles was the best RPG this generation.

Go play Mass Defect and cry yourself to sleep.

frjoethesecond3281d ago

Your bubbles are going friend

click 2 get virus3281d ago

i was looking for a RPG on the ps3, the guy at gamestop told me that it wasn't any RPG games on the ps3.

frjoethesecond3281d ago

Gamestop employees tend to be 360 biased. PS3 is the place for the best rpg's. The Pc is for mass effect and fallout 3. The 360 is for blue dragon.

Inferno3281d ago

I'm buying a PSP just for this game.
VC is my GOTD ( Game of the decade )

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