Epic Mickey and Tron Evolution Coming November 2010? writes: "Disney Interactive has two big games coming out in the foreseeable future: Epic Mickey and Tron: Evolution, the latter of which is a tie-in to the long awaited Tron movie sequel. Gamers awaiting either Disney title may have some good news: according to GameStop's website, they're coming in November 2010."

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hitthegspot3283d ago

Nooooo... Epic Mickey November 2010...

This game looks like it's going to be one to try. The last GI mag covered it and sucked me in...

NateNater3283d ago

Epic Mickey looks promising, well at least the fancy artwork does. Hopefully we can see some gameplay soon.

I could care less about Tron though.

iheartdestr0y3283d ago

Game Informer got me mad excited. I hope this is legit.

RockmanII73283d ago

Am I the only one who doesn't care about a game where you play as Mickey? It seems to childish to me.

xboxman083283d ago

i thought epic mickey was for wii.Is it for 360 also?

Shnazzyone3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

but tron: Evolution is. Just snag it for the wii... warren spectre is not exactly known for poor quality games. Deux Ex still stands as an awesome game regardless of the graphical limitations. Spectre is a man you can trust to make something worth playing. It's a good sign when he's excited about releasing something.

Seriously, read the full quality scans of the whole 5 page article GI did. It really get's you interested to pick that title up.

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