ModNation Racers beta spawns incredibly customizable character creations

SCRAWL: "Sure, LittleBigPlanet is incredibly customizable with its level-creations. However, even the Sackboy customizations can't compete with what ModNation Racers is offering. Thanks to the recently opened beta, we're seeing just what can be done with character creations in the upcoming "Play, Create, Share" racer."

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Dellis3281d ago

LoL I knew it, watch when the full game comes out, give it a few weeks

and it will be full of Mario Kart levels

40cal3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

I just hope that this type of content is not banned/removed online.

I did not care about this game at first, but with everything I have seen recently this is looking great.

Saaking3281d ago

And this is why Sony made a brilliant choice by supporting Play, Create, Share.

Baka-akaB3281d ago

games like soul calibur and rockband are chokeful of trademarked characters as custom , i dont see how it would change here .

young juice3281d ago

i just downloaded SCORPION AND SUB ZERO !!!

Lou-Cipher3281d ago

What is crazy is the fact that we only have about 1% of the Stickers/Clothing/Accessories available in the Beta.

I cant imagine what kind of cool stuff people will be coming up with once the game comes out and everything is available.

Those are really impressive.

siyrobbo3281d ago

i didnt care for littlebigplanet, but this game looks great!

Raf1k13281d ago

Anyone know if vehicle customisation is as good as this?

Kevin ButIer3281d ago

Just make it fun to play and ill be there day one

NecrumSlavery3281d ago

This game is great. I can't imagine how awesome the final game will be.

what's next PLAY, CREATE, SHARE?

Want a customizable Shooter & RPG too.

Redempteur3281d ago

yes vehicule customisation is as good

but what will blow you away if track customisation

For my first track i did the track , selected AUTO and it was done ... i did some tweaks for the fun ...and HOP !

you really can't make it easier ...

goflyakite3281d ago

i wish all online games had at least a bit of customizability (not a word).

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Myst3281d ago

If only I Had gotten into that beta...

*Goes off and sulks somewhere*

I guess I'll go watch some footage on youtube.

Gothdom3281d ago

don't give up... I got one code on the official us blog and they're pratically giving them like candy, so you might snag one somewhere this coming week.

Myst3281d ago

Heh thanks, yeah I've been checking their but so far no luck. Anyway after 5:00 PM Tuesday family is coming over so hiding all my systems. Going to be hidden for a week so no games for a week which is going to suck. Hopefully it will go the way of Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta and they will just put it up on the PS Store eventually.

gaffyh3280d ago

HHG has quite a bit, you could always ask him? Anyway this game is really cool, also from the pictures, spiderman and Old Snake look really good.

btw, anyone know how you "Share" in this, I haven't been able to figure out how to publish tracks, either that or it just doesn't let us do that yet?

Nitrowolf23281d ago

wow that metal sonic one looks incredible

blu3print3281d ago

I've downloaded a very cool looking Ironman

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